Keeping Your Eyes on the Harvest for Worship Leaders


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What a wonderful ministry we have been called to. I love to sing. I long to sing. Each Sunday morning I look forward to spending time with my church family praising the Lord.

Recently I was reading Luke 15 which tells the story of 3 lost things.

  1. The Parable of the Lost Sheep
  2. The Parable of the Lost Coin
  3. The Parable of the Lost Son

Interestingly I noticed that in the first two parables the sheep and the coin were looked for. The shepherd left the 99 and went looking for the first. The woman swept every corner of the house and carefully searched for the lost coin. Jesus said there would be great rejoicing in heaven over one sinner that repents.The last parable of the lost son was allowed to wander, his life went bad, real bad, and he came to his senses and returned to His Father. When he did he was welcomed and a celebration feast was held in his honour.

Two looked for, searched for, one allowed to leave and not followed. Three celebrations.

Jesus was teaching us something about our working winning lost souls. We must go after and seek out those with whom we can share the gospel. Those who have walked away from God and returned to worldly living, we must allow them their free choice. We must allow to experience the consequential pain of separation form God. Not because we are unkind, but so as they will come to their senses and return to their Father. When they do, let’s welcome them with open arms. NO condemnation. In all cases let us celebrate and rejoice when reconciliation happens.

What does this have to do with worship leading? Plenty.

It is important to remember the commission we have to preach the gospel to every creature. When choosing a song list, pray for the lost, the harvest of souls to come in, pray for the prodigal to return to the Father. Consider this PLOUGHING THE GROUND.

Choose songs that contain a proclamation of the gospel. Consider the lyrics and who may hear them during the service. We proclaim Christ in the content of our songs. Consider this SOWING SEED.

Once we have ploughed the ground and sowed the seed, there are some things that are out of our control. Weather conditions. We can liken the work of the Holy Spirit to SUNSHINE and RAIN. Providing the conditions for the seed to grow and produce.

We must defend the seed we have sown by WEEDING and fending off disease and pests that seek to devour. Push back the enemy with the word, prayer and praise. Pull out error and deception.

Finally, REAP. As Billy Graham says, “Go for the decision!” Know how to lead people to Christ, as they repent and believe.

Great is the celebration in Heaven in the presence of His holy angels!




The Annoying Problem of Procrastination


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I have been thinking about the terrible issue called Procrastination. It is so detrimental to forward progress.
It is a hindrance to productivity and fruitfulness.
It is disobedience and rebellion.
It leads to laziness, overeating, lethargy, sluggishness, time wasting and depression and anxiety.
You will never fulfil your call or develop your gifts if you are a procrastinator. Your work will be shoddy and you will be unprepared.
It is fear-based, sometimes anger-based, as in passive aggression. It is a marl of someone who lacks confidence. It is an avoidance mechanism.
Can be caused by fear of failure or fear of success.
It is a failure to do what you know you should be doing.
Procrastinators do not begin working until the extreme pressure of a deadline comes. Because of their lack of preparation, the work that they do produce is shoddy, rushed, average, basic, NOT EXCELLENT!
They do not have the time to polish and add the ‘WOW’ factor.
They never prepare ahead and they avoid hard things, therefore they never place a demand on their gift and reach their full potential.
They avoid things they lack confidence in doing and they stay in the comfort zone. They make excuses.
I have been like this in the area of writing. However, since waking up early, setting a time to get dressed and then starting TOP 3 action items of the day I have seen great improvement. I am creating instead of simply consuming.
When writing or doing any hard thing I set the timer for 30 mins and just get started. I figure I can do anything for 30 mins. One of two things will happen. Either I will find nothing is happening or inspiring me today, in which case I set another time  to try again. Or, I get a great start on my project and make great headway. I am in the zone and I want to continue working. Great! Other times I surprise myself by finishing what I thought was going to be a hard task before 30 minutes is over. I either overestimated the time I would need or I underestimated my capacity to get it done. Either way, I win!  The creative flow is happening. So good.
Have you ever had a problem with procrastination? What tips or tricks have helped you to overcome? Please share in the comments section.

How to Deal With Competitive People

Are you dealing with a competitive person in your life? What is your reaction those those around you who are jealous and envious of the call and gifts of God on your life? Perhaps you are the envious one. Here are a few insights on how to how to lovingly manage your interactions with those who covet what God has placed on your life.

The Behavior of a Competitor

You are commanded to shine and be victorious in Christ. Competitors do not want you to win. They want you to lose so they can feel better about themselves. It doesn’t matter what place you are in as long as you are second to them. Any wins you have will be envied and resented, and certainly not celebrated as that would encourage you. If they have to admit you are a winner, they discount it and diminish your success.

Do not give your power away to a competitor. The power you have is in the revelation and anointing God has placed upon your life. Guard your heart and keep it.

Competitors watch you carefully trying to detect your weaknesses in order to gain advantage. Once they see them, they will waste no time trying to exploit them, to sabotage your success. But God has said that His power is made perfect in weakness and His grace is sufficient.

The Nature of a Competitor

Competitors compete because of deep insecurity and their sense of inferiority. They don’t see a place for themselves. They mask this by pretending to be superior. They are happier if they feel smarter, prettier, richer, more creative, more blessed, more anointed, etc. They attach themselves to certain people who are successful in order to feed off them, living vicariously through them. They desperately seek to align themselves to people of note or influence in order to boost their own sense of value by association. They give very little in the relationship and the more they know about you the more competitive they become.

They try to mirror and imitate you and to appear to others as better than you. They align with your language, dress, your life and your friends until they become deluded. They are obsessed with you and your life. They are used of the enemy to drain and discourage you. They end up trying to control you. Don’t let them! As Christians we are no in competition. There is none comparative to you. You are the best in your field and the expert in your sphere of influence. You must understand these people are your enemy, not your friend and a murderous jealousy/envy lies within their heart. They wish you ill and plot your downfall. They rejoice in your failures and mistakes.

How Do I Deal With a Competitor?

1. Do not be drawn into competing with them. As soon as you do the enemy has won. Do not brag of your success or flaunt the revelation God has given to you. But, at the same time, own your own victories and give glory and honor to God and to those who have helped you grow and succeed.

2. Do not share your precious revelation and insights that you have received. Cut off access to spiritual knowledge and insight you have received as they will assume them as their own. Guard your revelation fiercely. Do not allow competitor to align with what is yours.  Competitors want to manipulate and control you, which is a form of witchcraft.

3. Don’t try to hide your weaknesses. You can’t. However, do not let them be exploited or used unkindly against you. Confrontation may be necessary at times. Confess how pleased that God’s will is done in spite of your weakness and how His grace is sufficient and His power is made perfect in weakness. Praise His grace.

4. Above all, PRAY!

Pray for protection for yourself and your family, your ministry, your mind will and emotions, your name and reputation

Pray for wisdom and discernment against confusion, to see where alignment is occurring in order to cut it off, to repent and take back ground that has been given.

Pray for victory and success, for God’s plan and strategy, vision, His equipping and resourcing, strength and grace to bear much fruit and for the advance of God’s kingdom and that He will be glorified through your life.


What to do when you are the jealous and competitive one!

1. When jealousy rises within you, confess and receive forgiveness from God. Acknowledge it as sin, repent and be cleansed.

2. Bless and encourage the one you are jealous of and generously and genuinely celebrate their success understand doing this does not diminish you.

3. Do not discount the persons success or claim it as your own. Practice giving honor where honor is due.

4. Cut off and refuse all ground given to the enemy due to your own insecurities and allow the Lord to heal and restore you.

5. Be about your Father’s business. Remain faithful in the work God has given you to do and your confidence in Him will grow. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Trust and obey all that He shows you to do. That is true success.

In God I Trust


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Hello saints,

Blessings to you today!

God is faithful and worthy of our complete trust. In all things He is with us and guiding us through life. Do we have complete trust in Him? Or do we hold back in fear and unbelief?

Trusting God is a way of honoring Him. When He speaks to our heart we can believe Him. He does not lie. He does not fail to guide us in the right way to take. We are called to believe. To trust and obey. To step out in faith. But we will never step out beyond our level of faith and trust in Him. We honor Him and show our confidence in Him when we obey Him and own all our call.

Trust is to be expressed. In our prayer time we can proclaim our confidence and hope in Him. We can express that our hope is in Him alone. When we are going through difficult times we can share with our family and friends just how much we are relying on God and how our expectation is from Him. He has our answer.

Today’s word is a call to unwavering faith, knowing in whom you believe.

When all else is sinking sand, on Christ the solid rock I stand.

Be blessed,
Sister B

Own all Your Call

Dear believers,

How wonderful it is to be called of the Lord. To have received from Him the blessing of relationship. I adore Him. Everyday I am aware of how little I deserve His many blessings. God is holy and I have sinned. God sent Jesus to die for me. That I might be forgiven. Anything good or wonderful I do today, I cannot take the credit. It is God who has redeemed my life and has given me any capacity to bless others in any useful way.

There is such a desire in me to fully surrender and give my all to follow His call. To abandon myself to His will.

Can you feel it too?

Love Sister B

Book Review: The Storehouse Principle By Al Jandl and Van Crouch


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the storehouse principle

The Storehouse Principle is a truly amazing book. It is has sound teaching and is very inspiring. It is my favourite book on the subject of biblical stewardship and the wise management of finances. Based on Deut 28:8 the premise of the book is that as well as tithes and offerings we should also set aside something from everything that we gain to put aside as savings. God has promised to command a blessing upon our storehouses and when we are faithful with little He will then entrust as with much. Ps Al Jandl shares inspiring testimony of how God blessed him in life and ministry as he applied this principle. Essential reading for every Christian.

What is your favourite Christian book on the subject of finances? Leave a comment to make us smile!

Ready For the Day!


Hello dear believers,

Be blessed today as you serve the Lord! Know that you are His ambassadors today as you go out and about. He is with you and I pray the Spirit will lead you into all manner of fruitful service for Him today. Praise be to our God of love.

Question: Have you had a quiet time with the Lord this morning? Have you dedicated yourself to His service today and acknowledged Him in all the tasks/ events of the day? Prayerlessness is powerlessness. We need to get our marching orders from the Lord and let God speak to us about His divine plans for the day. I know we are all busy, but just a few minutes in His presence can be the difference between victory or defeat in this sin-sick world we are living in.

Prayer is an essential habit to get into each day. If you have not developed this habit I suggest starting small. Commit to, let’s say, 10 minutes every morning, but make it a habit.  I promise you if you will start small God will bless you with increase and desire for more and more. Faithfulness and commitment is necessary.

If prayer IS an established habit with you, I challenge you to pray with deeper insight, asking God for greater depth and clarity of vision in prayer. Sometimes we don’t receive because we simply fail to ask. May God pour out a fresh wind of blessing upon you as you pray. Pray releases life and power and is our joy and privilege. If your prayer life has become dull, ask God to stir fresh fire in your heart, In Jesus’ Name!

Love Sister B

I would love to hear from you guys! Do you have a testimony of answered prayer? Encourage us all by leaving a comment.



All You Have to Do Is Ask!



Hello believers,

How truly wonderful it is to know God and walk in relationship with Him.

I believe God is wanting to encourage us today to ask Him for more, much more. More than ever before. Stretch yourself. Could it be that we are limiting God by failing to ask for what He desires to give us? Is it possible that we are living well beneath what was possible if we only had the courage to ask?

 Eph 3:20 Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.

He is able to do so much more. Always more!

Be bold in your requests of God and have confidence that He will answer. So, what will happen if you ask for something that is not His will? Simple. His answer will be No.

But how do you know if you don’t ask?

Share your thoughts and any testimonies by leaving a comment that makes us smile.

Blessings from,

Sister B



Leonard Ravenhill Interview


Faith That says Yes to God

Hello delightful believers,

Today I want to speak to you about faith in action, saying “Yes” to God when He calls. Faith begins with our relationship to God.
It is Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. Faith is living, active trust in the person of God.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Heb 11:1 KJV
Our faith is outworked as we seek the Lord’s face diligently, interact with Him and act upon what He has revealed to be His will. God is always working all around you.

Faith is not just deciding deciding what you want, visualising it and then speaking it out until you receive it…no, it is an individual child of God having access to God through the blood of Jesus and, in His presence, having God reveal His will to you. Do you want God’s will or your own? It means seeing what He is doing and getting involved as and when God directs.

God is at work all around us, influencing the lives of men. He has a plan and a purpose in the existence of every living thing. As we get to know God through prayer and the study of His Word, God is wanting to speak to our hearts and give us direction for our life circumstances. Just as Jesus said He could do nothing without His Father, it is the same for us.

God is not far away from you. He is very near and has promised to guide you through life. When He speaks be obedient and step out in faith if He directs you to take any specific actions. Remember, faith without works is dead, but acting when God has spoken paves the way to make the impossible possible!

Blessings to you
Sister B

Reflect: Is there something God is speaking to you about? A direction He is giving? What is stopping you from acting? Leave a comment using the link at the top of this post.

God’s Grace on Display


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Hi there blessed brothers and sisters,

God wants to put His glorious grace on display. He wants the world to see how good and faithful He is. Don’t be bashful about the gifts you have, they have been bestowed upon you by the living God. Shine. Shine for Jesus. Let His radiant love flow through you. Collaborate with Him, serving in faith. Be blessed as you do. You are highly favoured and have much to offer. More than you think. You may be scared at times but don’t limit God whatever you do! Find your fit and operate in faith. Trust in the Lord and He will bring His will to pass in your life. He is making, shaping and forming you. Let faith, hope and love abound!

The riches of God’s grace are abundant and overflowing. There is no lack in His kingdom. God is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who provides! So, delight in the Lord and be free. Don’t fight fear. Overcome with committed action and obey all He tells you to do. God will supply your needs and you will be blessed at all times and in all seasons. Even through the hard times. Shalom.

with much love,

Sister B

Reflect: What is God telling you do that you have not done because of fear? Leave a comment below.

The Throne of Grace


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Hello dear blessed ones,

How honoured we are to have access to the Throne of Grace. We have a relationship with our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Each day we can come boldly before Him in prayer and talk to Him about all the things that concern us. God cares about all these things and delights to impart wisdom to us and to give us guidance and direction. He comforts us when we are down and strengthens us when we are feeling weak. He encourages us with His Word and strengthens our faith so we can stand through all trials and the tribulations of life. He is faithful and a very present help. He meets all our needs. Thankyou Lord!

Heb 4: 16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. KJV

1. Come boldly.

One of the greatest kingdom privileges you have as a child of God is access to His heavenly throne. You can can come boldly before Him. You have unlimited access. You will not be rejected or rebuked. Come as you are and be changed in His presence. He loves you.

2. The throne of grace awaits.

When we enter the secret place of His presence through prayer, we will find the many blessings he has in store for us. God has the answers to all your questions, God has a supply for all of your needs. God wants time with you each day so that He can speak to your heart and prepare you for the days events. Come to throne of divine empowerment! Each day we need a fresh revelation from God, fresh manna from Heaven to nourish our souls that we may be rightly aligned with His purpose for our lives and a genuine blessing to the people around us. We need fresh oil, the anointing of God poured out upon our lives, that we might have power for service in His glorious kingdom.

3. There we will find mercy and grace for every need.

How blessed we are that the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin. Yet we all know we stumble in many things. It is so important to keep short accounts with God, confessing our sins before Him and admitting our wrongs as they occur. We must live the examined life. We don’t want strongholds of sin to form in our life. God has called us to freedom! When we come in humility, God will forgive us. He is so merciful. He will impart to us grace to change, grace to live right, that we might bring glory to His Name. There is no point trying to hide our sin from God. He sees it all. Nothing is secret. Do not fear to be open and honest with God. When we fall He, in His mercy, will pick us up and set us right back on the assigned path. His supply of grace is abundant, sufficient for every need that we have. His power is made perfect in our weakness. Praise to His Name!

Believers, let me encourage you.

Trust in the Lord and come boldly before His throne daily. Trust in the One who loves you and tenderly cares for you. He is a loving Father, not a condemning judge. Ask for His forgiveness where you have slipped and fallen and receive from Him mercy and the grace for every need that you have. In Jesus Name. Amen!

Blessings from

Sister B


My Personal Testimony of God’s Goodness and Grace




Dear Blessed ones,  

How great is our God. I would like to share with you a little bit about myself and how our precious Lord drew me to Himself in 1996. All glory to Jesus!

I once was lost.

  1. Only child, born in England
  2. Came via ship to Australia- 1977
  3. Pennington Hostel, Adelaide was the first place where we lived where I attended a children’s group called the Good News Bible Club and attended my first ever evangelistic meeting.
  4. My parents saved and were finally able to afford to build a house in a suburb named Salisbury Downs. This is where I grew up.
  5. I was a troubled teenager as I was a girl with a secret, there was domestic violence in our household and I saw my mother endure much brutality.
  6. Married young 19- St Peter’s Cathedral, North Adelaide
  7. I had first child, a son when I was 21 years old
  8. I was a very ambitious person and always looking for a gt-rich scheme, I had a dressmaking business, studied Accounting at TAFE, was a sales person for a popular pottery company, as well as being a mum.
  9. My husband became involved in drug dealing- although I opposed it I still redecorated house with the money.
  10. Eventually we lost our house due to my husbands alcoholism.
  11. We moved to a rented house, I continued with my sewing business, by now I had two children.
  12. I became involved in New age teaching, positive thinking books, success teachings etc.  and for a time, participated in a bible study with Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  13. In 1996 I met a lady named Karen, a local school mum who told me about Jesus, day after day, week after week.
  14. I was deep in sin!

Then I Met Jesus.

I am so thankful that my friend was faithful to keep sharing the gospel with me. Eventually the Lord convicted me of my sin and my need to be forgiven. I knelt down on my lounge room floor and gave my life to Jesus, repenting of all my sin and trusting in Him for salvation. From the very beginning I fell in love with Christ and was so aware of His presence with me. Hallelujah!

  1. My first church episode- I could not understand one word, the pastor used long words and theological phrases, but I loved the music, the atmosphere, my friend encouraged me that what I was feeling was the Presence of God. I am so passionate about His presence today and I love to praise His name.
  2. As a rand new Christian I felt like I had hit the jackpot. I felt as though I had discovered a whole new world, God’s kingdom and I did not need to look any further now for fulfillment, as I had found what I had been looking for, the right way to live, the way to success, I found Him. Jesus. My salvation.
  3. Right from the start I was on fire, I filled my home with Christian music, which I love, especially black gospel, which is my favourite even now, because they worship with such abandon and with the whole heart. I would spend hours worshiping the Lord as my husband worked shift work.
  4. I was passionate! Evangelism- told all my family they were going to hell and needed to give their lives to Jesus, laid hands on every sick person telling them the Bible said they were healed and giving all our money away, because I heard a preacher say we would receive a 100 fold return. I had zeal, but not much wisdom those days. But my heart was a heart after Jesus.
  5. When I wasn’t worshipping, I was in the Word. I bought books, watched tapes, at home and listened in the car, read my Bible and prayed, all with the knowledge that the Holy Spirit was with me helping me understand. I had a new obsession, God, and I wanted to know all of His ways, right now.
  6. One night a friend took me to the church music practice. They practiced their songs and then worshipped God freely for the rest of the time. They put a microphone out the front of the church and said, “If God gives you something to sing, come to the microphone”. I felt compelled to go forward and my heart was beating so fast. I took the mike and sang “Praise the Lord” over and over, and felt I was in the very throne room of heaven, I was aware of the people around me but they seemed very far away and  could them saying “WOW, who’s this?”. They were stunned. Finally I stopped and slumped into the front pew, overcome by the power of God. The people around me laid hands on me and they were praying, and then the music director laid hands on me and prophesied saying “The day will come when you will sing, the joy of the Lord will come and people will be healed.” Later on that evening I was invited to come each week and after a while they put me on the singing roster.
  7. Funny thing is I never sang on the platform in this church.
  8. Our finances, debt and my husband’s alcoholism became worse until we could not afford to pay our rent.
  9. At this time, we were offered a government subsidised house in  a regional town called Renmark and we thought this would solve our financial problems. We visited the town and checked out the house. I hated it was small, ugly and in a horrible area, but on this trip I saw there was a Christian bookstore in the town, which gave me some comfort, I didn’t want to move, but I knew it was God’s direction.
  10. Not long after moving II found out there was a small, local AOG church in Renmark which met in a local community centre every Sunday morning.I went there and quickly made friends.
  11. At the time I was pregnant with my third child and during this time my father-in law died suddenly of  a heart attack. This led to my husband falling into a deep depression for 2 ½ years and his alcoholism worsened. Even the birth of our third baby did not cheer things up. Our marriage became strained as I shouldered all the responsibility of parenting and mounting bills and debts. But I found my strength in praise and worship. To me I knew it was spiritual warfare.
  12.  I became very involved in the church, attending music/prayer meetings each week and bible studies in my pastors home. It wasn’t long before I began leading a women’s group in my home and I also began to sing and speak in the church. I took every opportunity I could to encourage and build up others and I came to understand God had given me a gift. The power of words. The power to encourage.
  13. The devil raised a number of enemies against me at different times, people who pretended to be friends but had an evil agenda, but I stuck it out with God, held on and out of these times came a measure of discernment which I really needed.
  14.   3 ½ years after becoming a Christian God gave me a gift- I was blessed to lead my mother to Christ, and she has since led hundreds of people to Christ. She turned out to a gifted evangelist. The fellowship we have in Christ today is such a blessing to me.
  15. A few years later, my mum became involved with Teen Challenge, a ministry started in New York by David Wilkerson, a ministry called to the streets to help teenagers break addiction through the power of Christ. I went to Adelaide once every 6 weeks and joined my mum in Light Square and later in Salisbury feed and clothe the homeless and share the gospel and would regularly visit Teen Challenge Chapel where my mother attended. Eventually though a combination of people I knew from TC and helping a couple of people here in our church who were struggling with addiction, I became a teacher of the TC program at the Waikerie Living Free Rehabilitation Centre. I can truly say the the 18 month period that I worked there, was the hardest and the most thrilling thing I have ever done. I often say I have done 18 months of rehab myself and I learnt so much about freedom in Christ and the love of God in this place. It was here I learnt God is a powerful God of breakthrough, a mighty deliverer.
  16. My marriage grew worse and worse, my church and TC friends tried to help to no avail, my husbands health started to fail, ABI, he was abusive to our children, demeaning, verbal abusing at a level unspeakable, and every other kind of abuse. My husband was tyrant, our marriage was failing, while my ministry work was going from strength to strength.
  17. It was abundantly clear to me while working at Teen Challenge that I desperately needed some formal qualifications in counselling, and though a series of events I began to study the Diploma of Welfare Work (specialising in Counselling Skills), followed up with another year doing my Training and Assessment certificate.
  18. While studying at TAFE I met a lady who worked at a non-profit employment agency. She helped me obtain a job there as a support worker. It was a shock to the system! Although it was a Christian organisation, I was now working with non-Christians and also with men! It wasn’t long before I found out Gods power could work anywhere. I could sense him helping me and giving me ideas and solutions that brought breakthrough in people’s lives. I had favour with my bosses and they gave me great money, a work car and phone. Everything I did prospered.
  19. Still, in my own home, things were spiralling downwards, worse and worse, my husband’s alcoholism resulted in him being very abusive to  point that I had to make hard decisions in order to keep my children safe physically and mentally and to keep myself from going insane! At this time my husband was in and out of hospitals, detox and rehabilitation centres. All to no avail. Things became so dangerous for us that I gave my husband an ultimatum, go back to rehab or our marriage is over. Some friends arranged for my husband to go to Karobran Farm, a Christian rehabilitation centre in the Adelaide Hills. Unfortunately he refused to stay, left after five days and did not fight for either our marriage or our family. I would not let him come home again, not this time, our marriage was over for good.
  20. All the time we were separated I prayed and hoped for reconciliation. Divorce was never I my thoughts, but it was unsafe to let him come home, so, through some more contacts my mum organised for him to move into a one bed unit through a group called SA Lutheran Homes. His true desire was to drink himself to death. I continued to pray and placed him before God’s throne. I did not hold any unforgiveness anymore. I was just incredible sad.  I had no idea what was going to happen. The outcome was in God’s hands.
  21. One weekend when I was in town, I took my children to see their Dad, with strict instructions to call me if there was any trouble. Unbeknownst to them, their Dad had called Drug and Alcohol line that day and threatened to kill me. They took the threat seriously and called the police. I received a distressed call from my girls calling me to come and get them. My mother and I drove down only to find the police had made a roadblock in the street. We went inside to find my children, family members and many police there, my children were traumatised and we found out that there Dad had resisted arrest and my children had watched the scene from the 2nd floor window as they saw the star force, drop their dad to the ground, knee in the back and guns pointed to his head. I bundled my kids in the car, and that is when I knew, this will never end. I told my mother, as soon as I get back to Renmark, I’m hiring a lawyer. This marriage ended in divorce 2008. Dead.
  22. Still, God gave me amazing grace though this this period of my life. I can’t explain it, but he upheld me. Thankyou Lord.
  23. Since this time, God has greatly prospered me, blessing my the work of my hands and we were able to move into a beautiful home, furnish and decorate it, buy a new car, and we have travelled overseas four times. I had the pleasure of visiting Israel recently. I have paid off debts and established savings, all through prayer and direction of the Lord. He is my guide. I have had to learn lessons about singleness in this season and have experienced God I such a close way I am amazed.
  24. Now and again, when I am lonely and have doubts, the Holy Spirit is my closest friend and comforter. My goal is to carry myself in a way that brings honour to God. He is the lover of my soul and the keeper of my heart, and my home is under God’s rule and protection.
  25. So, though life can be difficult at times, all things have indeed worked together for good, and I now know compassion and His grace abounds.

What’s next?

Many things I’m sure, university degree is planned, more travel, preaching, singing, more serving in the church, God willing. My desire is to follow Him in all things. To be completed surrendered to His will and to bring Him glory and praise. To shine for Jesus!

My blessed brothers and sisters, I pray that my testimony is a blessing to you and has encouraged you today. May God draw you closer to Himself and give you a heart to serve Him. You are gifted and much loved! In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

Sister B

Romans Overview


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Dear Blessed Ones, Here is a basic overview of Paul’s epistle to the Romans. Enjoy. Love the Word!

Sin (Romans 1-3) It is true to say that man is inherently sinful and dead in his sins before he comes to Christ. There are many who believe that they are a good person and that if their good works outweigh their bad, on a scale of judgment, God will grant them entry into Heaven. This is simply not true. The Bible clearly states, “No man is righteous, not even one.” (Rom 3: 10) And none can justify himself. The Jews are not justified just because they are Jewish, even if they are religious. No man has ever been able to keep the law nor is any man justified by it but rather the purpose of the Law is to show man that he is a sinner. Only then will he realise he cannot save himself and that he is desperately in need of a saviour. We are made righteous through faith in Christ, not through the Law. (Rom 3: 21-22)

Salvation (Romans 4-5) The promise to Abraham was that he would be heir of the world and he was circumcised as a sign of the righteousness of his faith in God. (Rom 4:11) He would become the father of many nations. Christ’s righteousness is imputed to those who believe that God has raised Him from the dead. (Rom 4:24) Christ is our peace! (Rom 5: 1) Sin came into the world through one man, Adam, but life has come through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. (Rom 5: 18)

Sanctification (Romans 6-8) Once a believer has repented of sin and put his faith in Christ alone for salvation, he is liberated from his former bondage to sin. (Rom 6:11) He is given a new heart and God begins a process of sanctification in the believers life in which they are becoming more like Christ each day. In Christ we are set free from sin and death and are made alive in Him. Alive to serve Him and live for His glory. God will use all of the circumstances an events of our life for good. (Rom 8: 28) A believer can walk in liberty from sin, when they walk in the Spirit they will not fulfil the lusts of the flesh. (Rom 8: 1) The Christian must believe he is dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus although there is indeed a war going on between our flesh and our spirit. (Rom 7: 13-25) We identify ourselves as crucified with Christ and also raised up with Him to walk in resurrection power! And nothing can separate us from His love. (Rom 8: 39)

Sovereignty (Romans 9-11) Even though Israel had a zeal for God, by trying to be righteous on their own merits they have rejected God. (Rom 10: 2-3) Salvation is by faith in Christ alone, all who call upon His name will be saved. (Rom 10:13) God has shown His sovereign glory in making salvation available to the Gentiles in order to provoke Israel to jealousy. (Rom 11: 14) God’s rejection of Israel is not total. He is sovereign. He is able to graft them in again as long as they do not continue in unbelief. (Rom 11-17-24) The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable. (Rom 11:29)

Service (Romans 12-16) In these final chapters Paul explains how to practically apply the teachings of the previous chapter. He urges the Romans to present their bodies as a living sacrifice and to be transformed by the renewing of their minds. In so doing they would ‘prove’ what is the good and perfect will of God. (Rom 12: 1-2) Paul explains the differing spiritual gifts and encourages their use. (Rom 12: 3-8) The following verses lay out various practical exhortations for Christians living, being humble walking in love and in right relationship to authority (Rom 13: 1-7) and bearing with the weaknesses of others, helping them where we can. (Rom 15:1) We are to identify with Christ in His servanthood and imitate Him.



Inspiring Testimony: Derek Prince


The man behind the ministry. This a wonderful interview with Derek Prince as he shares how God has faithfully led him through life. Be blessed!

Nothing is Impossible With God!


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Dear believers,

Many times when God plants a dream in your heart, it seems impossible to achieve. It is, in your own strength. Yet the bible tells us that with God ALL things are possible!

May I encourage you today to take one small step in the direction your dream? Just begin. Prayerfully take a step of faith. Each journey begins with a single step. 



Guess what? I was here! Shalom Jerusalem. Let me share with you how it happened:

Last year my pastors announced they were taking their sixth tour into Israel. Each time they go they are excited to take as many church members as possible along with them, to share in this wonderful, life-changing experience of being in the Holy Land. I had always been very enthusiastic about these trips, praying for those who were going and giving at various fundraising events. I had helped individuals financially in the past as they made their plans to go. But one night as I was sitting at home reading a book, the word came ” You’re going this time”.  The Voice within. Revealing His will. It was very clear. I was going to Israel!

But how? 

So began a journey of faith into the impossible. That Sunday at church I told my pastors, “Guess what? I’m going this time!” They were overjoyed. 

Principle number one:  Say yes to God.

When God spoke to my heart there was no mistaking it was Him. I just ‘knew’. So I said “Yes, Lord” The faith adventure began.

Principle number two: Take the first small step.

I opened an additional bank account and named it ‘Greece/Israel account’. I put a few dollars in it to begin with and continued to do so until I had enough for the deposit, three hundred dollars. I sent it in to the tour company with great joy and gratitude to God. Yet the trip cost thousands. How was I going to afford it? I wasn’t sure. But I kept putting a few dollars away here and there, each time praising and thanking God by faith and delighting in His will. The Lord led me week by week, economizing here and there, selling some things, a garage sale, tax refund, various juggling around money I had in other bank accounts etc., etc. Finally, after a number of months, by the grace of God, I had enough! I quickly sent the money through to the tour company, it seemed to good to be true! He had made a way! Praise the Lord!

How wonderful it was when they sent me a receipt which stated- amount due 0.00! I must admit, I kept looking at this receipt over and over! Paid in full! What had seemed so impossible was now a reality. I was really, really, going to walk in the steps of Jesus.

Principle number three: Walk boldly forward into everything you know to be God’s will.

Dear ones, sometimes when God reveals His will to us, our circumstances (and some of the people around us) tell us it cannot be done. Stepping out in faith often requires us to push through our inner fears and the constant negative voices of the unbelieving. These voices can shout very loudly. Let me encourage you today to walk on. Be bold and very courageous. Push through these limiting fears that immobilize and contain you. If God says you can, you CAN. Keep walking right on into the victory zone! The circumstances you see must change!

Principle number four: Give God all the glory and praise.

Well, dear ones, I have been back now for a few weeks and I have had the most amazing experiences of my life in Greece and Israel. I had the blessing of singing God’s praises at a number of sites in Jerusalem with the believers. This is a fulfillment of a long held dream.  We had so many wonderful experiences and we want to return as soon as we can! Impossible? No. Not with God!

Yours in Christ,




Dead to Sin, Alive to God.


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Hello blessed ones,

I have been so inspired today by Paul’s teaching in in Romans 6-8 and how it can be applied to our lives. We have been, and are being radically changed!

The wonderful truth expressed in Romans 6-8 is that we are identified with Christ in His death and in this sense we died with Him. (Rom 6:3) We are dead to sin, no longer in slavery to it. We can now live by grace, alive to God, walking forward in all of His holy plan. Sin has no dominion over us. (Rom 6: 14) We are empowered by the Spirit to walk in newness of life. Baptism is symbolic of our identification with Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. (Rom 6: 3-5) Our old man has been crucified with Christ and we have been freed from sins power. (Rom 6: 6-7)

How can we apply this awesome truth?



Firstly, we must reckon (account) ourselves dead to sin and alive to God. (Rom 6:11) We see ourselves as born again to a new life in Christ! Our attitude towards sin is: we are dead to it! Sin will not reign in our body, we have power to overcome.

Secondly, we must present our members (hands, feet, mouth etc.) as instruments of righteousness to God and set our mind upon His purposes. (Rom 6: 13) We must understand we are not under law now, but grace! The law is good and righteous, but it only serves to reveal our sinfulness, yet cannot deliver us from it.  What we want to do, we can’t do, what we don’t want to do, we do. There is a war between flesh and spirit. (Rom 7: 13-25) Christ, in His death, has delivered us from the law and has established us in His amazing grace. We can now walk in the Spirit and in so doing avoid walking in the lusts of the flesh. There is therefore now no condemnation; we are in Christ, we walk in the Spirit not in the flesh. (Rom 8:1) We must now set our mind upon spiritual things not carnal, and trust the Holy Spirit to lead us. (Rom 8: 5-6)

Thirdly, we must trust in His help and transforming power at all times. Although we will go through suffering in our lives, it is nothing compared to the glory which will be revealed in us. (Rom 8:18) The Spirit helps us in prayer and intercession and causes all things to work together for good. God has predestined us to be conformed to the image of His Son and the events ordered for us in this life are slowly but surely achieving God’s sanctifying work in our lives, making us more like Jesus, we are being changed from glory to glory. (Rom 8: 26-30)

Finally, rejoice in the Lord! No accuser can bring a charge against us and nothing can ever separate us from His love. We are more than conquerors in Him. (Rom 8-31-37) What amazing things the Lord has done!

Blessing to you,

Sister B

The Death of Christ


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Hello dear believers,

Oh, what wonderful love God has for us all! A love so sweet and blessed. A love flowing and freely given. How do we know God really loves us? By beholding the Cross. The Cross is the place where God puts His love on display for all the world to see. What love is this that Jesus Christ would die a painful and humiliating death on the Cross for our sins, that we might be forgiven and freed from sins power and its condemnation, that we might be reconciled to the Father and that we would be raised us up together to enjoy a new, empowered life in Him? Victorious life in the Spirit. Praise be to His holy name forever!

Romans 5:8

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. NIV

God loves us.

Oh, what a glorious love this is. Love for the world. Love for sinners no matter how depraved. Love for the poor. Love for the sick. Love for the broken. Love for the lost. Love for the saved. Love for all! Love, love, love and more love. A love that we can never lose! A love that conquers all and reigns supreme. Can we ever fully understand or appreciate the depths of this love that is poured out upon us? It’s height, its width, its depth? How can we ever thank Him for His abundant love and the gift of His only begotten Son? How do I love Him, let me count the ways!

God has demonstrated His love for us in sending Jesus.

If you want to know what love is, look to the Cross. Behold the Lamb! Slain from the foundation of the world, Jesus was innocent of any and all accusations leveled against Him. He did no wrong! He was the sinless, spotless Lamb without blemish. No sin was found in Him. None. It was our sin that was laid upon Him and it was our punishment He received in His body. He was bruised for our transgressions, not His own. They mocked Him, beat Him, scourged Him and murdered the King of Heaven through the cruelest means of all: crucifixion.

Jesus came to die for us. 

We were unable to save ourselves. We were born into sin and enslaved by it. He came to die, He could have called a myriad of angels to bring Him down from the Cross if He had chosen to, but love held Him there, not the nails in His hands and feet. For the joy that was set before Him. You. Me. Us. Jesus came to purchase our salvation and only He could pay the price. He paid in blood. Sinless blood. He came to earth on a mission, and when Jesus cried out from the Cross “It is finished” it was mission accomplished. Victory was won. Behold, Jesus Christ, Savior of the world!

Even when we were yet sinners.

So, here’s the facts: We were unable to save ourselves. We were born into sin and enslaved by it. Sin had us bound and in chains. We may have wanted to do good but had no power to do it. We were dead in our trespasses and sins. Satan had us in his grip and if we had died without Christ, Hell would have been our place of eternal punishment and it would be a punishment we rightly deserved. We would have been hopelessly separated from the life and love of God in Christ.  Yes, the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus. See, Jesus is the Reconciler between man and God. He is the Way, the Truth and the life and no one comes to the Father but by Him. One Way Jesus, same yesterday, today and forever. Come unto Him and be set free. Free to live. Amen.

Will you receive His love? A love you don’t deserve? This revelation of God’s love requires of you a response. Will you admit you have sinned and need salvation? Can you humble yourself like that? Behold the Cross! What a glorious salvation was purchased for us all through the shed Blood of Christ at Calvary! Open up your heart and receive Christ today and praise His Name forevermore. Amen.

Sister B






The Vicar of Baghdad- Canon Andrew White


Book Review: Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby, Richard Blackaby and Claude King


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The revised and expanded version of Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby, Richard Blackaby and Claude King has been such an encouragement to me in my walk with God, it is no exaggeration to say this book is profoundly life-changing.

Experiencing God

I have been a Christian for 17 years and during this time have been an avid reader of Christian books. I don’t think I have ever read a book that has affected me so deeply in my relationship with God. When I read it for the first time I could not put it down. When I finished the first reading, I then went back to the beginning and re-read it carefully, high-lighting key passages,wanting absorb its encouraging truth. I lead a fortnightly bible study group and as a blessing to them I purchased 10 copies of this book and gave it to them as a Christmas present. That’s how much I love it! I consider it an investment into their spiritual lives which will encourage maturity and growth.

The premise of the book is that God desires for us to not just know about Him in theory but also to know and love Him by experience, and that God desires to work out His purposes in and through our lives. The material is organised around what he labels “the seven realities of experiencing God”, which are as follows:

1. God is always at work around you.
2. God pursues a continuing love relationship with you that is real and personal.
3. God’s invites you to become involved with Him in His work.
4. God speaks by the Holy Spirit through the Bible, prayer, circumstances, and the Church to reveal Himself, His purposes, and His ways.
5. God’s invitation for you to work with Him always leads you to a crisis of belief that requires faith and action.
6. You must make major adjustments in your life to join God in what He is doing.
7. You come to know God by experience as you obey Him and He accomplishes His work through you.

The book encourages you to seek to see what God is doing in your life, family, Church, world, etc., and to actively participate in His work as he prompts you, by faith. Joining God in His work will involve making adjustments in your life, and challenge your thinking and attitudes. The author encourages you to be bold and obedient to the call of God on your life, and the authors share many encouraging examples from their own personal lives and from Scripture. Life with God should be a glorious adventure of experiencing God’s love and of being involved with Him and His wonderful work throughout your lifetime. God wants to use you!

This book has the effect of orienting you to see things from God’s point of view rather than your own, and makes you want to serve Him with great oldness and abandon. The biblical principles this book sets forth are sound. Experiencing God will certainly build your faith and encourage you as you seek to walk with God in all His will and purpose.

Be blessed as you read!