Wonderful Word#3 BEAUTY



Make and own things of BEAUTY.

BEAUTY delights and liberates.

BEAUTY fills our hearts with joy and thanksgiving.

BEAUTY is transcendent.

BEAUTY uplifts our heart and fills us with joy.

BEAUTY has power in it.

BEAUTY inspires worship and gratitude.

The King greatly desires your BEAUTY.

BEAUTY brings delight.

Bring forth BEAUTY through your giftedness.

Cultivate appreciation of BEAUTY.


Go forth and BEAUTIFY.


You are Valuable


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Dear sister,

You have infinite value and worth. God values you highly. You are a complete original. No else like you. By God’s design you have been bestowed with various gifts, talents, skills and opportunities that perfectly fit with your personality and temperament.

There is no need to apologize for being a gifted person. Gifts are just that, gifts. We give all glory to God for what He has placed on our lives.

This is our time. The time God appointed us to live and work for His glory and pleasure.

Many of us hold back in fear because we are perfectionists, fearing we will make a mistake, get it wrong. God is not looking for perfect performance from us. It is not possible. But a perfect heart of devotion that desires to please Him and do His will at all times is. Despite, fear, insecurity and self-doubt, continue to move forward in His plan and purpose.

Let yourself create. Give yourself permission to speak, act and add to the conversation of life. Create a body of work that points to the Saviour. Don’t wait for someone else’s approval or for another to open doors for you. Stir up the gift God has given you and go for it! Take courage and walk worthy of His calling. God is with you.


How to Stir Up the Gift Within



  1. Identify your gifts.
  2. Identify the market for your gift.
  3. How can you develop your gift?
  4. Get further training.
  5. Learn from those who are already doing what you want to do.
  6. Find a great mentor/coach.
  7. Work together with others.
  8. Just begin where you are. Trial and error.
  9. What are your opportunities to serve with your gift today?
  10. Be bold and very courageous.
  11. Own your gift. Give yourself permission to shine.
  12. Be disciplined and schedule creativity into each day.

What is Faith?



Faith is believing:

  • You are LOVED.
  • You are CHOSEN for a purpose.
  • You are being GUIDED through life.
  • You are being RESOURCED. Provided for.
  • You are GIFTED. You have SUPERPOWERS.
  • Your contribution is VALUABLE.
  • DOORS OF OPPORTUNITY are being opened to you.
  • Everything happens for a reason.
  • Everything works out for your good.
  • You have everlasting life.
  • You have PERMISSION to be authentically you.
  • You are ACCEPTED in the beloved.
  • You are NEVER alone.
  • Heaven is your home.

The Difference Between Vision and Goals


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I often wonder why I am scared so much of the time. Worried about the quality of my writing, the validity of my thoughts, whether anyone will read or care about what I written. But I must never allow fear to immobilize me and stop me from bring forth into the world my contribution.

Our contribution matters. It adds it value to corporate thought and mindset. I must have courage to share what I am thinking with others, to engage and interact with them. I do not want to simply be a consumer of content, but a creator, someone who adds to the collective conversation.

My deep desire is create a body of work of valuable content for readers who are eager to learn. Teaching that encourages and inspires. Teaching that liberates and empowers. Teaching that sparks faith and motivates to action.

My content is my WEALTH. Treasure created. I want to daily add to my store of content. I want to show up and show out. People I have seen and read about often make no distinction between work and play. All is a joy to them. Life is an adventure to be lived as a participant not just a spectator. Let me enter in.

One thing I have discovered, GOALS ARE EARTHLY, VISION IS HEAVENLY. Vision is what God has revealed to us as available to us in His Kingdom. Territory marked out and set apart for us to possess and occupy. Once we have seen vision we are infused with grace and power to obtain what we have seen. Faith arises. Goals can be set in the earthly realm to manifest what we have seen.

When goals are in line with the heavenly vision there is a sense of alignment and authenticity in our life. A feeling of ‘rightness’. We have faith and we walk by faith. We are led along this path of righteousness by the Spirit. Providence begins to be seen as we walk forward. What others call co-incidence, we know is the Divine signposts of God that we are on the right track and pleasing in His sight.

Provision, help and opportunity lay before us along the path. Occasionally an enemy will also arise along the path. Those spectating along the sidelines of our vision become naysayers telling how impossible it is to attain our goals. Keep walking anyway. You know what you have seen.

A vision is something revealed by God and is to be established for eternity. Goals are made in the natural realm and bring forth this in this life those things which are temporal. Vision is forever. Goals are temporal.

There are many lessons we will learn as we walk with God on the path of life he has set before us. There is much to learn. One thing we can be sure of is that He will never leave us or forsake us. God is with us and gives us power and authority to ENTER IN  and POSSESS what He has shown us in the secret place. This is our birthright and our inheritance. He has given us the keys to obtain.

Go possess what is yours! To His glory.

Question: What have you seen is yours with your eyes of faith? What goals do you need to set in order to make this a reality?

Pregnant with Vision and Desire


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Dear Lord,

I love You and praise You. You are my desire. I want to please You. Help me to improve the clarity and quality of my writing and the amount that I write. Let the ideas flow from my heart, to the pen, to the hearts of others.

I am musing today about the idea of goal-setting and vision. Before we can set a goal we first must have SEEN something. Something that has sparked our vision and desire to achieve it in us. It seems to me that You have seeded desires in our hearts for us to discover and delight in. The pursuit of vision must be infused with desire. Desire inspires and motivates to action.

We move towards our desired goals and as we align our action with our passion we bring into reality what we have seen in You.

Desire is something that is CONCEIVED. We become EXPECTANT and ANTICIPATE the arrival of what we desire. We PREPARE for its arrival. It is important that we do not share our vision before the time. For a time it is hidden, secret within our soul, between ourselves and You. But sure enough, as time goes by we start to SHOW. Others begin to see in us what was previously hidden.

A desire fulfilled is a tree of life. How glorious it is when what once began only as a distant dream, now becomes a living reality, a testimony of Your grace.

May everything we see, come to be.

Thankyou Lord for Your amazing goodness,

Sister B


Question to ponder: Have you conceived a heart desire? How are you preparing for its arrival in your life?

The Anatomy of Desire



Dear sisters,

God guides and shapes you though your souls deepest desires. Desire is a powerful, energising force that runs deep within your heart. Allow yourself to discover and give voice to what you want and desire. Do not be scared to articulate the secret desire of your heart. make them your prayer and give thanks for them. Get in touch with your desires but always be willing to surrender them. Otherwise, desires become demands.

God draws us forth along our lifepath through the avenue of our desire. A desire fulfilled is a tree of life. What we desire has its own pull and we are motivated to action. We are inspired to seek what we desire. We enjoy the process towards its attainment and eagerly anticipate it fulfilment. Gratitude and thanksgiving well up in our hearts and out of its abundance we give praise to God for His goodness.

As we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desire of our hearts. Trust your desires, but be willing for God to shape them more fully by the Spirit. Give them your focused attention and live in delighted anticipation of their arrival. God is at work in you to will and to do for your good pleasure. Move towards your desire each day despite any resistance or opposition you may encounter. Do not draw back in fear. Our self-doubt causes us to question the validity of our desire at times. Do not be deterred or distracted. Become increasing clear about what you desire and continue reaching for it. God will send encouragement, comfort to you, and resources are waiting along the paths where he leads.

Take bold Acts of Courage in the direction of your dreams and in so doing glorify the Lord.

Blessings from Sister B

Questions to ponder: What do you deeply desire? Can you find just the right words to express it? Will you give yourself permission to pursue what you desire? Will you take courage in the face of fear?





The Amazing Benefits of Journal Writing


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Having been a journal writer for over 20 years, regularly writing three  pages a day, I have learnt a thing or two about the great benefits that can come from this practice. It is a great habit to integrate into your schedule.

My own practice has been to write early in the morning with a hot cup of coffee in hand. I write about whatever comes into my head. Everything from shopping lists to lists of things to do, life issues, hopes and dreams, and of course prayers. Whatever I am thinking or feeling flows out onto the page.

These are the benefits I have noticed that come from journaling.

  1. Journaling helps me to clarify my thoughts.
  2. Journaling helps me to get clear on what I want and need.
  3. Journaling is a great way to work through problems on paper. Often great solutions seem to ‘appear’ as I write.
  4. Journaling is great for my mental and emotional health. When I am feeling bad I can pick up my pen and start writing about how I am feeling. I am always in a more uplifted mood after doing this. Journaling helps me to articulate what is really at the core of the issues I am facing and gives me confidence about how to address them successfully.
  5. In going back over my journals from time to time, I notice that themes appear, ideas emerge that will not go away, and purpose and direction seem to unfold for my life.
  6. Journaling has helped me know myself more fully. Who I am and what I am called to do in the world.
  7. I use my journal to write down ideas as they come to me during the day. I also write great quotes from books that I am reading or whatever I am listening to throughout the day. The journal is a repository for everything I do not want to forget.
  8. Journaling has helped to become more creative and productive. Journaling helps me to overcome my own fears and conquer resistance to getting started.


I have been journaling so long it has become a necessary part of my morning routine. When I have finished journaling I feel equipped for the day, organised and  focused. I know exactly what I want to go forth and accomplish. What direction to take. I have my marching orders. I get dressed and ready and off I go to make my contribution to the world. I am empowered to live my truth one day at a time.

Wonderful Word#1 Dare


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DARE to believe you can.

DARE to dream big. What would you be doing if you had no fear?

DARE to REVEAL who you are to others. Define yourself.

DARE to rejoice and ENJOY life.

DARE to expect good things to happen. Walk in your favour.

DARE to walk by faith.

DARE to love, even when it costs you something.

DARE to live according to your inner guidance, your conscience.

DARE to be different. Swim against the tide.

DARE to CREATE. Bring forth your contribution to the world.

DARE to ask for what you want.

DARE to say what you REALLY feel.

DARE to SPEAK UP. For yourself and for the oppressed.

DARE to take MASSIVE ACTION in the direction of your calling.






10 Keys to Being Open to Life


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  1. Be open to new ideas. The fact is we don’t know everything. It is good to be open to listen to someone with a differing view or perspective than you. This can either strengthen your own convictions or shift you in ways that a beneficial for you.
  2. Try new things. Follow your inspirations and curiosities. Consider them invitations to learn and grow. What have you always wanted to try? Food, sport, travel? What new skill would you like to develop? Playing an instrument, learning a different language, art, craft etc.? Dabble a little and you just might find something that inspires joy in you.
  3. Be open to guidance. Trust that you are being guided. The guidance will flow step by step. Truth and insights you need will be provided. Resources are laid out along the way. They are being added to you as you follow your faith path.
  4. Be open to constructive feedback and advice. Feedback is good if it is constructive. It can make your lifework better, more purposeful and richer. Negativity and spiteful criticism on the other help can kill enthusiasm for your lifework and discourage you into a state of inactivity.
  5. Know what you want. This sounds easier that it actually is in practice. Aim to gain clarity around what you want in every area of life. How do you want to feel? Setting goals is pointless if you vague about your core desires.
  6. Ask for what you want. Once you are clear on what you desire, start asking for it. From God, from loved ones, from everyone. Ask and you shall receive. Keep asking until the breakthrough comes.
  7. Ask for the help and guidance you need. God is an amazing source of help and guidance. He will guide us with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. He will direct us to people who have the answer we need. Learn to ask great questions. The quality of your questions will determine the clarity of the answers. Listen carefully and you will learn much. it is about being receptive and responsive to truth.
  8. Practice telling others how you really feel. So often are breakthrough has not come because we have failed to share our true feelings. Be authentic. This takes great courage if you are a people pleaser. Be honest with yourself and others so that your relationships will become more truly engaged and connected.
  9. Share your dreams with others. Be brave and tell the world about your lifework and message. Learn to articulate who you are and what you are about to others. Define yourself as God sees you. Be on task with your own lifework otherwise by default to will be pulled into the agenda of others. Along the path of your lifework you will bump into others who are like-minded and with whom you may collaborate to serve others with your giftedness.
  10. Give yourself permission to show up and show out. Stop waiting for someone to pick you. Pick yourself. God has already chosen you and calls you to use your superpowers to the benefit of others. No need to wait for anyone to tap you on the shoulder and allow you to begin. You hold your own authority. Don’t give your power to others. It is not selfish or prideful to follow your passion. Stop apologizing for being you. Embrace yourself. You have your own keys. Open the door for yourself. You are allowed to. It’s okay. What would you be doing if you had no fear? Do that. Conquer.

Overcoming Fear of Being Yourself


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Dear Lord,

I love You and I praise You. You are wonderful and amazing. You give me hope, light and truth.


Beloved daughter,

Your dream is what you hope for, what you love and what you are ALLOWED to have in your life. I designed and shaped the dream that will not go away. Do not fear, take courage and move towards it every day in the power of the Spirit. For you this means writing first thing every day and then having the courage to share with others. Take bold steps of faith. You are a conqueror. You are blessed in all you put your hand to.

Creativity involves being vulnerable. Taking those steps to bring forth YOUR truth requires great courage every day. Resistance meets you, trying to stop you from bringing forth the new. To share what we have created with others is to expose who we truly are and risk rejection. When you overcome fear you become courageous in other areas of life as well. Don’t be afraid to go after what you desire. To desire something to be brought forth in your life is not prideful, selfish or wrong. On the contrary, failing to pursue your calling is failing to give to the world the gift that you are.

To be obedient necessitates overcoming fear. You must examine your fears and see whether they have any basis in reality, or whether they are just an illusion. Where do they stem from? Who told us we could not follow what is our truth? Who told us we could not have what our heart was desiring? Who made us believe that it was prideful and selfish to even think such a thing?

You have a message. You are a message. The message your life reveals is one of overcoming fear and self-doubt in order to pursue the Kingdom of God. Your courage inspires others to take action in their own lives.

Therefore, Go forth and create.


Question to ponder: What will you ‘bring forth’ today? Create the work. Bless it. Tell it to be fruitful and multiply.

Are You Scared to Live Your Truth?


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Dear Lord,

I love You and praise Your holy Name. I want to become who I am, for You glory. Thankyou for my place in the Kingdom. I have a function and assigned tasks within it.

Because of being controlled by others in the past, I have a great deal of trouble in owning my own calling and giving myself permission to do all the things I would love to do and experience in my life. As a child and into my teenage years I was scared to live, scared to try new things and have fun. I was the girl with her nose in a book sitting on the sidelines observing everyone around doing fun things but never joining in, not even wanting to. Books were my safety, my secure place, my escape. I could retreat into the thought world of the authors and live vicariously through them.

Later in life I was the homemaker who subscribed to numerous homemaker and craft magazines, always making and never creating. Sometimes I would make something, or write something, but my motive was usually to please others or save money, not necessarily to simply enjoy the process of being creative for its own sake.

I have always loved learning. I now realise that reading, writing journals, studying and sharing with others is all a part of my teaching gift. One of my superpowers. I have always loved watching documentaries and biographies about others who have done amazing things with their lives. I love beauty, art, music.

This year I have set my intention to be beautiful, be creatively brave and to live my truth. I even created a poster and put it on the fridge door to remind myself of what is important to me this year. I want to live a beautiful life and cultivate a beautiful heart. I know I must be braver, stronger and be willing to share my story as part of my ministry. I need to create, make, do, share. Own my calling as a creative person. By Your grace, I can, I will, I am. Writing this blog is a part of this. Sharing from the heart as I open up to all You have for me in Kingdom life. My prayer is that as I open up and become more vulnerable, more honest in  sharing my attempts to step out in faith each day, that those who read may be encouraged and emboldened to do the same.

Fear, get behind me. Amen


Question to ponder: What would you be doing if you had no fear?


Writing as a Daily Victory


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Dear Lord,

Thankyou for Your unconditional, unfailing love. I am Your child and You have great things for me to experience, learn and do in life. Wonder and grace. Love and light. You are with me and in me. I simply need to abide in You and follow when and where You lead. I am leading a guided life, Your Spirit guides me into all truth. You are helping me to own my calling and to be brave. I place my confidence in You. Nothing is impossible.

I am seeing the importance of being creatively brave and having faith to write. I must create a body of work. My process is to write every morning, in my journal and to share each weekday on my blog. There is something about writing with paper and pen that allows thoughts, feelings and ideas to flow out of me. Writing unlocks me. Writing first thing before the day really gets going means I can conquer internal resistance and procrastination, allowing my own creativity to flow without the distraction of other voices which will surely come at me during the day.

Words may trickle, or words may flow, but success is in the showing up and showing out every day. To make my contribution, no matter how small, or seemingly insignificant. Writing is a superpower I possess, given to me by God for the good of the world. To write is my ‘good part’ and it will not be taken from me because I have chosen it. It is my daily act of bravery which will mount up into a body of work in the future. Inspirational data which will keep on giving, building up God’s holy kingdom.

Thankyou Lord, for this great gift.


Questions to ponder: What is your superpower? How will you put it to use?

Communicate You Truth and Overcome Resistance


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Dear Lord,

I love You. You are awesome. Thankyou for all the good things You have given me in life. I desire to honour You in everything I do.

I believe I am called to communicate truth. My truth. And, in doing so, encourage others to do the same.

How will I express myself truthfully? So many ways. Writing, making my environment beautiful for the people I love. Being an encourager to friends and family. Serving those in need. Being a good listener.

I love listening to the stories of others. What is their personal truth? Values? Dreams and goals? Challenges? I love to encourage and impart hope.

My tools are words, concepts, ideas. Being able to express myself though writing causes me to switch on and become engaged. After I write I feel lit up and alive. When I share what I write with others I feel like I have conquered the fear and insecurity monster. In sharing my work I become vulnerable to other people’s opinions and judgment. I also become open to acceptance, growth, opportunity and useful service to others. I see that failure is assured if we never try. Each day we must conquer internal and external resistance and show up in the world to share our story.

For me this means conquering resistance early in the day. Therefore this year I am setting an intention rather than a resolution. My sound intention is to live beautifully, be creatively brave and tell my truth every day. This will build momentum in my life. My act of creative bravery is to put pen to paper every morning and write three journal pages and to share something of what I have written on the blog each weekday.

An ideal beautiful week for me would be to spend my mornings writing and sharing and to spend my afternoons involved in practical ministry and service to others, making sure to go offline during this time. Each Friday afternoon will be free for taking myself out to do and experiencing new things and open myself to new ideas. To fill my inspiration tank, in other words.

Lord help me to achieve my intention and walk in abounding grace this year. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Question for reflection:

In what ways is God calling you to be brave this year?

A Conversation About Desire


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Dear Lord,

I love You so much. I adore You. I submit my will to Yours. I surrender to Your will. Your will be done in my life. Let this be the focus of my life. Continually. Every day of my life.


Be drawn forth by your most holy desires. Be guided by faith and conscience. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or taking wrong turns on your journey. You will. Trust your conscience to lovingly course correct you along the way. You are living a guided life. Your life is not your own. Walk worthy of your calling. Bundles of provision are set along the journey of life to sustain you in your walk. Be drawn by desire. Get in touch with what you want deep in your soul. What do you want to know and learn? What are you hungry for? It is also important to know what you do not want. In other words, know yourself and own who you really are. I am at work within you to will and to do for My good pleasure. I brings joy to Me when you walk worthy of your calling.

It is important for you to act out of your own deepest desires rather than what other people decide for your life. Act out of those deepest desires and trust your own inner compass. Even in the smallest ways. Honour your desires. I am shaping and forming you through them. What do you desire? What do you want? Knowing this is very important. Extremely important, so that your actions can be based on this truth and you will experience a sense of congruency, soul satisfaction.

Godly desires are characterised by love, truth and passion for Christ. They bring about great glory to My name and attract others into the Kingdom. They bring joy and peace even in the midst of trial and suffering. Trust your desires and allow them room to become reality. Follow where they lead. They call you onwards and draw to deeper. They shape your life’s work. They signal the right paths to walk along.

Be brave by:

Getting in touch with your deepest desires. Following where they lead. Trusting in My provision and not letting fear delay or distract you.

Don’t be ashamed to desire. You are allowed to desire. Desire powerfully inspires and motivates you. Let desire propel you. Following your desires is not selfish or prideful if you have loving intent. Delight yourself in Me and I will give you the desire of you heart. I delight in the prosperity of My servants.




O Lord, Clarify Our Calling To Ministry


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Dear Lord,

I love You with my whole heart. You are so good. Your love is so rich and real in our lives. Draw us closer to Yourself.

I sense in my heart a desire to clarify more clearly what form our ministry will take, especially in the light of fact that I have only one more semester to complete before completing my Bachelor of Theology. What will my life and ministry look like from then on? What form will it take? How will my days unfold for Your glory?

Our pastor discussed with us the need to explore our calling and vocation during our internship and to develop a profile of who we are and what we have to offer. So I am prayerfully considering what we have to offer the body of Christ and the world? Both individually and as a couple?

Let’s start with the values and desires You have placed in our hearts. D and I desire to encourage others and empower them to break free from limiting factors in their lives that prevents them from serving You wholeheartedly. We deeply value Love, Freedom , Acceptance and Trust. We want to live our lives serving and blessing others. One avenue we both believe we can do this is through hospitality, opening our home to others, building friendships and relationships around food. We have been organising for this in practical ways such as D clearing out verandah area and cleaning the barbecue, fixing the outdoor charcoal stove and stockpiling food and drinks for when people visit. We have had a number of friends and family come but we also would like to invite those in need as well.

D has practical building skills and has used these to renovate our house and our church building. He has helped others when a handyman was needed and has occasionally earned side income from this type of work. D also has a caring, compassionate heart for others and comes alongside others to listen and encourage their faith. He is patient and kind and has favour upon his life. He is developing great discernment too.

My own giftedness seems to lie around encouragement and exhortation. I love to build others up. I love to write, teach, speak and sing. I love to speak a ‘now’ word in due season to those who are discouraged, frustrated or anxious. I sometimes has clear prophetic insight or discernment about a person or situation. To help people discern what God is doing in their life. I desire to help people discern who they are in You and to follow the desires You have placed in their hearts. I sometimes can discern what is hindering people from moving forward such as limiting beliefs or fears, entanglements with sin, lies they are believing and demonic activity. I pray strategically about these things when I am ministering to someone and teaching biblical principles to overcome and produce breakthrough. I desire to help people live in the freedom Christ purchased for us and to live the abundant life he offers.

I also have skills in music, sewing and household management.

We desire to bless people through strategic giving and we believe travel will be a big part of our future, both locally and overseas. These things are what we know in our hearts so far, as being Your calling for us.

Lord, I pray for further clarity regarding the form and scope of our ministry as husband and wife and that doors of opportunity will open to us for service. Bless the work of our heart and our hands, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Defining Yourself to the People You Love


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Dear Lord,

I love you so much! I am deeply grateful for my relationship with You. It is my salvation.  Christ is my Saviour. He gave His life for me. I am wanted. I am accepted in the Beloved. I am a part of Him. I am consumed by the love of Christ. I abide in love. I am immersed in it. I am rooted and grounded in Love.

Help me to be brave and strong. Do not let fear consume me or hold me back. You are my life. Liberate me to live in bountiful grace.

I am scared to share with my husband about my desire and calling to write. He knows I enjoy writing, but knows nothing of this calling to serve by writing. I fear his response. Will he understand? Will he value what I feel called to do? Will he support and encourage me in it? I know I need to reveal my truest self to him, as You have made us to be one. I pray he will understand. Prepare his heart to see who I am and what You have called me to do. I pray he will be my strongest support.

I know that D requires nothing more of me than to be his wife and to make a home, roles I love and hold dear. He also knows that I am called to ministry and have been struggling to know what to do once I finish university. I have only one semester left and then I am done! I believe the answers will be revealed through writing. His patience in waiting for You to reveal my next steps has encouraged and comforted me. There is no pressure to perform from him. Thankyou for giving me such a wonderful husband.

I resolve to share my heart with him and I trust You for the outcome. I pray You will show me the right time and right way to approach this conversation. I am confident all the aspects of my ministry will be revealed through writing. This is the way forward for me. I believe that all my major opportunities for service will come through this avenue.

Therefore I purpose to write each day and post at least every weekday as a matter of developing a good writing discipline. I ask you to increase my readership and allow the conversations to flow. I pray my writings will liberate and empower people.


Dear daughter,

Writing is your path, you way forward. You do not need to be anyone other than who you are, beloved. I delight in your willingness to step out fully into this ministry after dabbling for many years with writing. I am forging fresh faith, strength and confidence in you. I am strengthening you for service to the world.


Question: Is there someone who you are afraid to share your dream with for fear they may not value it as you do? How will you move past that fear?

My Delight in Writing



Dear Lord,

I am grateful for the love of D, (my husband) and Your great love which inspires and envelops me. You are always at work in our lives, helping us discover who we are and who You have created us to be. I am excited about Your plan for us.

I am thankful to have rediscovered writing, after a long break. In fact, I haven’t written since I remarried in June last year. Writing brings out what is hidden deep within me, the secrets my heart holds, Words, thoughts, ideas, concepts. Writing changes me, releases me and relieves my hearts deep yearnings. I feel lighter after writing. Writing nourishes and restores my soul.

Through writing I am liberated, unlocked. I can write down what is bothering me internally and be aware of what I fear, hope and dream. Somehow my inner anxieties are relieved by writing. I become more objective about my life and more resolute in decision-making.

I realise I am a writer. I prophecy I am a writer who helps others grow in confidence and enthusiasm for their calling. I am drawn to write by the Spirit. You meet me at the page. As I begin to express myself in this way You enlarge my thinking and help me find the words that liberate my soul and express my hearts sincere desire. Writing is one of my superpowers, one of the ways I can be a blessing to others.

Writing helps me to solve problems and resolve conflicts. It helps me to clarify my thoughts so I can better discern my next steps, my next course of action.

Your grace is upon me to write. It is important for me to write. Writing is a gift from You. I must accept it wholeheartedly and give myself fully to the craft of writing. I must write daily because I believe great good will come from it. I prefer to write with paper and pen rather than digitally. There is something about the way the words flow from my heart to my pen as I write.

There is a desire within me to share what I have written with others, that my musings may be of benefit to others as I seek to become authentically me. I think the medium of blogging is a good medium by which to share my thoughts with the world. Perhaps others might be inspired to live a beautiful God-designed life, seeking who they are in Christ and how to share their  gifts with the world. I hope my writing will help others to cast of fear of going after the dream You placed in their hearts. We only have one life to live so Lord make it beautiful, captivating and awesome. Reveal Your glory through us. I pray that people see You in my writing.

I have faith that writing daily will cause me to become a better speaker and to communicate more clearly. I have faith that doors of opportunity will open up to me through my gift of writing. I need to surrender to writing, to the writing life and to fully receive what You wish to give me through writing. What I receive I will freely give to the world.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could make a living from writing, as a side effect of doing what I love. Not as a focus, as that would stifle my creativity. I feel slightly guilty about wanting to make money this way, I am not sure why. Yet I do believe it is possible and I will see how You lead and leave that part up to You Lord,

Your beloved daughter,


Questions for reflection:

As you read this post today, do you sense God is calling you to express yourself through writing? Or create in some other way? What fears are stopping you from taking action?

You are welcome to share in the comments below. Blessings






Keeping Your Eyes on the Harvest for Worship Leaders


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What a wonderful ministry we have been called to. I love to sing. I long to sing. Each Sunday morning I look forward to spending time with my church family praising the Lord.

Recently I was reading Luke 15 which tells the story of 3 lost things.

  1. The Parable of the Lost Sheep
  2. The Parable of the Lost Coin
  3. The Parable of the Lost Son

Interestingly I noticed that in the first two parables the sheep and the coin were looked for. The shepherd left the 99 and went looking for the first. The woman swept every corner of the house and carefully searched for the lost coin. Jesus said there would be great rejoicing in heaven over one sinner that repents.The last parable of the lost son was allowed to wander, his life went bad, real bad, and he came to his senses and returned to His Father. When he did he was welcomed and a celebration feast was held in his honour.

Two looked for, searched for, one allowed to leave and not followed. Three celebrations.

Jesus was teaching us something about our working winning lost souls. We must go after and seek out those with whom we can share the gospel. Those who have walked away from God and returned to worldly living, we must allow them their free choice. We must allow to experience the consequential pain of separation form God. Not because we are unkind, but so as they will come to their senses and return to their Father. When they do, let’s welcome them with open arms. NO condemnation. In all cases let us celebrate and rejoice when reconciliation happens.

What does this have to do with worship leading? Plenty.

It is important to remember the commission we have to preach the gospel to every creature. When choosing a song list, pray for the lost, the harvest of souls to come in, pray for the prodigal to return to the Father. Consider this PLOUGHING THE GROUND.

Choose songs that contain a proclamation of the gospel. Consider the lyrics and who may hear them during the service. We proclaim Christ in the content of our songs. Consider this SOWING SEED.

Once we have ploughed the ground and sowed the seed, there are some things that are out of our control. Weather conditions. We can liken the work of the Holy Spirit to SUNSHINE and RAIN. Providing the conditions for the seed to grow and produce.

We must defend the seed we have sown by WEEDING and fending off disease and pests that seek to devour. Push back the enemy with the word, prayer and praise. Pull out error and deception.

Finally, REAP. As Billy Graham says, “Go for the decision!” Know how to lead people to Christ, as they repent and believe.

Great is the celebration in Heaven in the presence of His holy angels!




The Annoying Problem of Procrastination


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I have been thinking about the terrible issue called Procrastination. It is so detrimental to forward progress.
It is a hindrance to productivity and fruitfulness.
It is disobedience and rebellion.
It leads to laziness, overeating, lethargy, sluggishness, time wasting and depression and anxiety.
You will never fulfil your call or develop your gifts if you are a procrastinator. Your work will be shoddy and you will be unprepared.
It is fear-based, sometimes anger-based, as in passive aggression. It is a marl of someone who lacks confidence. It is an avoidance mechanism.
Can be caused by fear of failure or fear of success.
It is a failure to do what you know you should be doing.
Procrastinators do not begin working until the extreme pressure of a deadline comes. Because of their lack of preparation, the work that they do produce is shoddy, rushed, average, basic, NOT EXCELLENT!
They do not have the time to polish and add the ‘WOW’ factor.
They never prepare ahead and they avoid hard things, therefore they never place a demand on their gift and reach their full potential.
They avoid things they lack confidence in doing and they stay in the comfort zone. They make excuses.
I have been like this in the area of writing. However, since waking up early, setting a time to get dressed and then starting TOP 3 action items of the day I have seen great improvement. I am creating instead of simply consuming.
When writing or doing any hard thing I set the timer for 30 mins and just get started. I figure I can do anything for 30 mins. One of two things will happen. Either I will find nothing is happening or inspiring me today, in which case I set another time  to try again. Or, I get a great start on my project and make great headway. I am in the zone and I want to continue working. Great! Other times I surprise myself by finishing what I thought was going to be a hard task before 30 minutes is over. I either overestimated the time I would need or I underestimated my capacity to get it done. Either way, I win!  The creative flow is happening. So good.
Have you ever had a problem with procrastination? What tips or tricks have helped you to overcome? Please share in the comments section.