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Dear sister,

You have infinite value and worth. God values you highly. You are a complete original. No else like you. By God’s design you have been bestowed with various gifts, talents, skills and opportunities that perfectly fit with your personality and temperament.

There is no need to apologize for being a gifted person. Gifts are just that, gifts. We give all glory to God for what He has placed on our lives.

This is our time. The time God appointed us to live and work for His glory and pleasure.

Many of us hold back in fear because we are perfectionists, fearing we will make a mistake, get it wrong. God is not looking for perfect performance from us. It is not possible. But a perfect heart of devotion that desires to please Him and do His will at all times is. Despite, fear, insecurity and self-doubt, continue to move forward in His plan and purpose.

Let yourself create. Give yourself permission to speak, act and add to the conversation of life. Create a body of work that points to the Saviour. Don’t wait for someone else’s approval or for another to open doors for you. Stir up the gift God has given you and go for it! Take courage and walk worthy of His calling. God is with you.