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How can I walk in the provision of God? How can I trust that I will always have enough?

Provision is there waiting as you walk the path. God continually shows us the way to walk. There is always a next step for you to take. A way to make a little progress. There is no need to fear lack. Our God always meets our every need as it becomes apparent. When it is needed, it will be there.

God’s provision is abundant and generous. No stingy measure with Him. He delights to give His created things all they need for the day. A lily of the field is gloriously dressed by Him. Birds never worry about what to eat. Anytime they need food, it is set right there in their environment for them to gather. We are of so much more value to Him.

God’s provision comes to us on a day by day basis. We must look to Him as a dependent child. Resources are gracious bestowed upon us. God has millions and millions of ways to get provision to us. Harvests are everywhere around us, built into our life walk. May God open our eyes to see it and be diligent to gather it in when we perceive it.

God is able to make all grace abound towards us so that we will always have all-sufficiency in all things. He withholds nothing from us. Our hearts need to be opened through gratitude to see the wonderful blessing of being provided for by Him. He cares for us in amazing ways. We shall not want if we are following the Good Shepherd. He is the One who knows what we REALLY need. He is attentive and close by. We simply ask and receive.

His abundant provision to us, coupled with the amazing ability to steward it well is good reason to give praise and thanksgiving to the Lord, who delights to give us the Kingdom. Christ is the ultimate provision God has given for the salvation of all mankind. Will He not give us everything else needful for this life? Consider yourself a fully resourced person in the present moment and be mindful of Him care at all times.

Let us never fear or worry about provision. As we walk along the paths He has set, concentrating on a day at a time, we will come to experience that we have all that is required. Always. And Heaven’s reward is before us.

Prosperity is: Always having enough to do God’s will at any given moment of time.

Live it. Experience it.