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Hi dear daughters,

God is so good! His provision is abundance and constantly flowing towards us. As He leads us in paths of righteousness, provision is laid up along those paths. His paths drip with abundance and He crowns the year with His goodness.

The principle is that God provides for our needs and gives an abundance for every good work. Even the smallest measure of provision can be multipied as we seek His ways of stewardship.

How much do we hoard instead of passing on the blessing to others? When we have more than we need for ourselves, we then have an opppotunity to bless others with our abundance, meeting their lack and perhaps even being an answer to their prayers!

Dear ones, whatever God provides for you today be thankful and receive it gracefully, as a gift. If there is some leftover once your needs have been met, ask the Lord who you can bless with these extra resources. Don’t stop the flow. Be generous and prosper yourself and others. Live large. Be generous like God.

Provision is all around us and even the smallest thing we sow can be of major benefit to others. Nothing is wasted in God’s economy. So before you throw something away, or store away items in a cupboard to be forgotten forever, consider who you might be able to give to. Remember, giving is about relationships. The blessing is always multiplied back to you, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

Join with God in the gift of being a generous giver. You will find opportunities everywhere you look if you are mindful and attentive.

Blessings to you today!