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Dear daughters,

Please let me encourage you today to be devoted to all that God has placed in your heart to do. Every action, no matter how seemingly big or small, should be done as unto the Lord, and in your obedience you bring Him great glory.

Do not be afraid to let your light shine. God desires to put His glory on display through your life as you live in ways that honour Him. The fruit of your good works will be clearly seen by the world and will cause them to want to know more about the wonderful God we serve.

God has many surprises laid up for us each day, delighting our hearts in serving Him with gladness.

What are the top three things you need to do today? What is most important? It is possible to become very busy while completely missing what is important. Sometimes we can procrastinate in doing the will of the Lord by making the excuse that we are too busy.

What is your lifework? What is the dream God has laid upon your heart to do for His glory? Begin today by doing something, no matter how small, to move things forward. This will bring a sense of wellbeing and satisfaction into your life. Show up and live your best life.

Be blessed and highly favoured,

Sister B