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Dear daughters,

Never be afraid to make your requests be made known to God. He desires to bless you. He is not withholding anything good from you. He takes good care of His children. Money is never something God is wanting us to spend all day worrying about. He owns it all. He has millions and millions of ways to bring to you what you need. Trust in Him. Let go and let Him bring to you what you need. Delight in His abundance and be thankful.

Be faithful with what you have and walk in the wisdom He supplies regarding money, and he will ensure your needs are met according to His riches in glory. God gives wisdom to those who ask including how we should be earning, spending, saving and giving.

God owns everything and what he places in our hands is a stewardship for which we will give an account. Know when it is time to tighten your belt and when it is time to spend and give generously.

Ask God for the things you need, and even what you would like, then trust Him to provide for you in His time and in His way. Watch out for His provision everywhere you go. He may provide in unexpected ways, dropping bundles on purpose as He did for Ruth. Be a receiver and respond with love and thanksgiving. Always be ready to share.

He may provide by eliminating the need altogether. Circumstances are always changing and therefore some of the things we once needed we no longer require.

Not all that He provides is for you. He often provides in over-abundance. This is given to you for the purpose of meeting your own needs and beyond that to participate in being a generous giver to others in need. Perhaps you can be the answer to someone else’s prayers!

His paths drip with abundance, so never be afraid. He is your source of life and all things besides.

Go forth and shine!

Delighting in the Lord,

Sister B