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Dear Lord,

I love You and praise You. You are my desire. I want to please You. Help me to improve the clarity and quality of my writing and the amount that I write. Let the ideas flow from my heart, to the pen, to the hearts of others.

I am musing today about the idea of goal-setting and vision. Before we can set a goal we first must have SEEN something. Something that has sparked our vision and desire to achieve it in us. It seems to me that You have seeded desires in our hearts for us to discover and delight in. The pursuit of vision must be infused with desire. Desire inspires and motivates to action.

We move towards our desired goals and as we align our action with our passion we bring into reality what we have seen in You.

Desire is something that is CONCEIVED. We become EXPECTANT and ANTICIPATE the arrival of what we desire. We PREPARE for its arrival. It is important that we do not share our vision before the time. For a time it is hidden, secret within our soul, between ourselves and You. But sure enough, as time goes by we start to SHOW. Others begin to see in us what was previously hidden.

A desire fulfilled is a tree of life. How glorious it is when what once began only as a distant dream, now becomes a living reality, a testimony of Your grace.

May everything we see, come to be.

Thankyou Lord for Your amazing goodness,

Sister B


Question to ponder: Have you conceived a heart desire? How are you preparing for its arrival in your life?