God is a creative God. he made the heavens and earth in six days and then pronounced it good. He has blessed all that He has made and crowned it with glory. Lessons are there for us to discover in His glorious creation. In His creation we see wisdom, beauty and order. He calls us to delight in His creation and within our hearts He has placed a desire to be creative, fruitful and multply, just like Him.

God inspires us to create things that are beautiful and useful to others. He creates in love and to meet needs. He is our inspiration and He motivates and empowers us for action by His Spirit.

Having recently finished a three year degree in Theology, I found myself at a bit of a loose end. The logical thing to do seemed to be looking for job and my husband and I agreed that I should only look for part-time work. I began, and I continue to look in the local papers and online at the available jobs, I updated my resume.

Yet, what was I to do in the meanwhile? My day became unstructured and I felt empty, useless and depressed to the point that my husband became concerned about me. After we spoke and prayed about this situation, we began to wonder whether God actually wanted me to get a job at all, or did he have something else in mind?

Journalling has been a helpful way for me to sort out in my mind what God wants me to do, but more importantly, how he wants me to think.

I see now that I am a person whose creativity is blocked. I order to be creative it is necessary to be open, curious and playful. To allow yourself time and space to think without boundaries and rules. Taking time to think and write without feeling guilty and unproductive is an area that I need to find freedom in. I believe unlocking my creativity, especially in writing, is a gift God wants to give me.

I lack confidence and courage to create. And yet, this is God’s desire for me. To co-create with Him. I have an inkling that through this deliverance will come opportunities to generate income doing what I love in complete freedom.

I believe God has ANOINTED me to communicate BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS THAT LIBERATE. I can do this through writing, speaking and teaching.

So, I sense the call to go with God on a journey as he liberates my creativity and provides for me abundantly along this journey. I will write about what I am learning and share with you. Perhaps you would like to join me along this journey and share some of your discoveries in the comments.

Creativity requires courage, everytime. I must resist the resistance to begin.

Each day I pray God will give me the grace to show up. Amen.