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Why is it that we so often override the clear voice of conscience within? Why do we do the things we know beforehand are wrong? We know it’s going to end in disaster, yet we continue on anyway!

Each one of us has an internal guidance mechanism. The conscience. That place in our spirit that discerns right and wrong. Have you ever met someone who you instantly disliked and felt a sense of warning within to keep away from them? Ever felt the urge to not share information with someone, or go ahead with a business transaction, simply because something inside gave you a sense of foreboding? That is your inner discernment speaking.

This God-given guiding radar is never to be disobeyed. I repeat. Never. Always be true to your own heart and keep a clear conscience. This is one of the ways in which the Spirit guides, protects and keeps us from harm. God is aware of things laying ahead on our path that are not yet apparent to us. Following our inner guidance could save us from much heartache.

Keeping a clear conscience is essential to our peace. When we override the voice of conscience the immediate effect is an underlying sense of guilt and conviction.

The Bible teaches that if we continue to override and ignore our conscience then it is possible our conscience will become seared. The effects of this will be that we are unable to see trouble coming and effectively avoid it. More importantly, we have rejected the voice of God speaking to us through the mechanism of our conscience. A serious matter indeed!

Let us pray that our conscience would remain soft and sensitive and if we know we have failed come to the Lord for forgiveness and restoration. Let’s admit our wrong and go on in faith. Conscience is a gift God has given us to help us walk worthy of our most holy calling.

Let’s not ignore its wisdom.