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I often wonder why I am scared so much of the time. Worried about the quality of my writing, the validity of my thoughts, whether anyone will read or care about what I written. But I must never allow fear to immobilize me and stop me from bring forth into the world my contribution.

Our contribution matters. It adds it value to corporate thought and mindset. I must have courage to share what I am thinking with others, to engage and interact with them. I do not want to simply be a consumer of content, but a creator, someone who adds to the collective conversation.

My deep desire is create a body of work of valuable content for readers who are eager to learn. Teaching that encourages and inspires. Teaching that liberates and empowers. Teaching that sparks faith and motivates to action.

My content is my WEALTH. Treasure created. I want to daily add to my store of content. I want to show up and show out. People I have seen and read about often make no distinction between work and play. All is a joy to them. Life is an adventure to be lived as a participant not just a spectator. Let me enter in.

One thing I have discovered, GOALS ARE EARTHLY, VISION IS HEAVENLY. Vision is what God has revealed to us as available to us in His Kingdom. Territory marked out and set apart for us to possess and occupy. Once we have seen vision we are infused with grace and power to obtain what we have seen. Faith arises. Goals can be set in the earthly realm to manifest what we have seen.

When goals are in line with the heavenly vision there is a sense of alignment and authenticity in our life. A feeling of ‘rightness’. We have faith and we walk by faith. We are led along this path of righteousness by the Spirit. Providence begins to be seen as we walk forward. What others call co-incidence, we know is the Divine signposts of God that we are on the right track and pleasing in His sight.

Provision, help and opportunity lay before us along the path. Occasionally an enemy will also arise along the path. Those spectating along the sidelines of our vision become naysayers telling how impossible it is to attain our goals. Keep walking anyway. You know what you have seen.

A vision is something revealed by God and is to be established for eternity. Goals are made in the natural realm and bring forth this in this life those things which are temporal. Vision is forever. Goals are temporal.

There are many lessons we will learn as we walk with God on the path of life he has set before us. There is much to learn. One thing we can be sure of is that He will never leave us or forsake us. God is with us and gives us power and authority to ENTER IN  and POSSESS what He has shown us in the secret place. This is our birthright and our inheritance. He has given us the keys to obtain.

Go possess what is yours! To His glory.

Question: What have you seen is yours with your eyes of faith? What goals do you need to set in order to make this a reality?