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Dear Lord,

I love You and I praise You. You are wonderful and amazing. You give me hope, light and truth.


Beloved daughter,

Your dream is what you hope for, what you love and what you are ALLOWED to have in your life. I designed and shaped the dream that will not go away. Do not fear, take courage and move towards it every day in the power of the Spirit. For you this means writing first thing every day and then having the courage to share with others. Take bold steps of faith. You are a conqueror. You are blessed in all you put your hand to.

Creativity involves being vulnerable. Taking those steps to bring forth YOUR truth requires great courage every day. Resistance meets you, trying to stop you from bringing forth the new. To share what we have created with others is to expose who we truly are and risk rejection. When you overcome fear you become courageous in other areas of life as well. Don’t be afraid to go after what you desire. To desire something to be brought forth in your life is not prideful, selfish or wrong. On the contrary, failing to pursue your calling is failing to give to the world the gift that you are.

To be obedient necessitates overcoming fear. You must examine your fears and see whether they have any basis in reality, or whether they are just an illusion. Where do they stem from? Who told us we could not follow what is our truth? Who told us we could not have what our heart was desiring? Who made us believe that it was prideful and selfish to even think such a thing?

You have a message. You are a message. The message your life reveals is one of overcoming fear and self-doubt in order to pursue the Kingdom of God. Your courage inspires others to take action in their own lives.

Therefore, Go forth and create.


Question to ponder: What will you ‘bring forth’ today? Create the work. Bless it. Tell it to be fruitful and multiply.