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Dear Lord,

I love You and praise Your holy Name. I want to become who I am, for You glory. Thankyou for my place in the Kingdom. I have a function and assigned tasks within it.

Because of being controlled by others in the past, I have a great deal of trouble in owning my own calling and giving myself permission to do all the things I would love to do and experience in my life. As a child and into my teenage years I was scared to live, scared to try new things and have fun. I was the girl with her nose in a book sitting on the sidelines observing everyone around doing fun things but never joining in, not even wanting to. Books were my safety, my secure place, my escape. I could retreat into the thought world of the authors and live vicariously through them.

Later in life I was the homemaker who subscribed to numerous homemaker and craft magazines, always making and never creating. Sometimes I would make something, or write something, but my motive was usually to please others or save money, not necessarily to simply enjoy the process of being creative for its own sake.

I have always loved learning. I now realise that reading, writing journals, studying and sharing with others is all a part of my teaching gift. One of my superpowers. I have always loved watching documentaries and biographies about others who have done amazing things with their lives. I love beauty, art, music.

This year I have set my intention to be beautiful, be creatively brave and to live my truth. I even created a poster and put it on the fridge door to remind myself of what is important to me this year. I want to live a beautiful life and cultivate a beautiful heart. I know I must be braver, stronger and be willing to share my story as part of my ministry. I need to create, make, do, share. Own my calling as a creative person. By Your grace, I can, I will, I am. Writing this blog is a part of this. Sharing from the heart as I open up to all You have for me in Kingdom life. My prayer is that as I open up and become more vulnerable, more honest in  sharing my attempts to step out in faith each day, that those who read may be encouraged and emboldened to do the same.

Fear, get behind me. Amen


Question to ponder: What would you be doing if you had no fear?