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  1. Be open to new ideas. The fact is we don’t know everything. It is good to be open to listen to someone with a differing view or perspective than you. This can either strengthen your own convictions or shift you in ways that a beneficial for you.
  2. Try new things. Follow your inspirations and curiosities. Consider them invitations to learn and grow. What have you always wanted to try? Food, sport, travel? What new skill would you like to develop? Playing an instrument, learning a different language, art, craft etc.? Dabble a little and you just might find something that inspires joy in you.
  3. Be open to guidance. Trust that you are being guided. The guidance will flow step by step. Truth and insights you need will be provided. Resources are laid out along the way. They are being added to you as you follow your faith path.
  4. Be open to constructive feedback and advice. Feedback is good if it is constructive. It can make your lifework better, more purposeful and richer. Negativity and spiteful criticism on the other help can kill enthusiasm for your lifework and discourage you into a state of inactivity.
  5. Know what you want. This sounds easier that it actually is in practice. Aim to gain clarity around what you want in every area of life. How do you want to feel? Setting goals is pointless if you vague about your core desires.
  6. Ask for what you want. Once you are clear on what you desire, start asking for it. From God, from loved ones, from everyone. Ask and you shall receive. Keep asking until the breakthrough comes.
  7. Ask for the help and guidance you need. God is an amazing source of help and guidance. He will guide us with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. He will direct us to people who have the answer we need. Learn to ask great questions. The quality of your questions will determine the clarity of the answers. Listen carefully and you will learn much. it is about being receptive and responsive to truth.
  8. Practice telling others how you really feel. So often are breakthrough has not come because we have failed to share our true feelings. Be authentic. This takes great courage if you are a people pleaser. Be honest with yourself and others so that your relationships will become more truly engaged and connected.
  9. Share your dreams with others. Be brave and tell the world about your lifework and message. Learn to articulate who you are and what you are about to others. Define yourself as God sees you. Be on task with your own lifework otherwise by default to will be pulled into the agenda of others. Along the path of your lifework you will bump into others who are like-minded and with whom you may collaborate to serve others with your giftedness.
  10. Give yourself permission to show up and show out. Stop waiting for someone to pick you. Pick yourself. God has already chosen you and calls you to use your superpowers to the benefit of others. No need to wait for anyone to tap you on the shoulder and allow you to begin. You hold your own authority. Don’t give your power to others. It is not selfish or prideful to follow your passion. Stop apologizing for being you. Embrace yourself. You have your own keys. Open the door for yourself. You are allowed to. It’s okay. What would you be doing if you had no fear? Do that. Conquer.