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Dear Lord,

I love you so much! I am deeply grateful for my relationship with You. It is my salvation.  Christ is my Saviour. He gave His life for me. I am wanted. I am accepted in the Beloved. I am a part of Him. I am consumed by the love of Christ. I abide in love. I am immersed in it. I am rooted and grounded in Love.

Help me to be brave and strong. Do not let fear consume me or hold me back. You are my life. Liberate me to live in bountiful grace.

I am scared to share with my husband about my desire and calling to write. He knows I enjoy writing, but knows nothing of this calling to serve by writing. I fear his response. Will he understand? Will he value what I feel called to do? Will he support and encourage me in it? I know I need to reveal my truest self to him, as You have made us to be one. I pray he will understand. Prepare his heart to see who I am and what You have called me to do. I pray he will be my strongest support.

I know that D requires nothing more of me than to be his wife and to make a home, roles I love and hold dear. He also knows that I am called to ministry and have been struggling to know what to do once I finish university. I have only one semester left and then I am done! I believe the answers will be revealed through writing. His patience in waiting for You to reveal my next steps has encouraged and comforted me. There is no pressure to perform from him. Thankyou for giving me such a wonderful husband.

I resolve to share my heart with him and I trust You for the outcome. I pray You will show me the right time and right way to approach this conversation. I am confident all the aspects of my ministry will be revealed through writing. This is the way forward for me. I believe that all my major opportunities for service will come through this avenue.

Therefore I purpose to write each day and post at least every weekday as a matter of developing a good writing discipline. I ask you to increase my readership and allow the conversations to flow. I pray my writings will liberate and empower people.


Dear daughter,

Writing is your path, you way forward. You do not need to be anyone other than who you are, beloved. I delight in your willingness to step out fully into this ministry after dabbling for many years with writing. I am forging fresh faith, strength and confidence in you. I am strengthening you for service to the world.


Question: Is there someone who you are afraid to share your dream with for fear they may not value it as you do? How will you move past that fear?