Dear Lord,

I am grateful for the love of D, (my husband) and Your great love which inspires and envelops me. You are always at work in our lives, helping us discover who we are and who You have created us to be. I am excited about Your plan for us.

I am thankful to have rediscovered writing, after a long break. In fact, I haven’t written since I remarried in June last year. Writing brings out what is hidden deep within me, the secrets my heart holds, Words, thoughts, ideas, concepts. Writing changes me, releases me and relieves my hearts deep yearnings. I feel lighter after writing. Writing nourishes and restores my soul.

Through writing I am liberated, unlocked. I can write down what is bothering me internally and be aware of what I fear, hope and dream. Somehow my inner anxieties are relieved by writing. I become more objective about my life and more resolute in decision-making.

I realise I am a writer. I prophecy I am a writer who helps others grow in confidence and enthusiasm for their calling. I am drawn to write by the Spirit. You meet me at the page. As I begin to express myself in this way You enlarge my thinking and help me find the words that liberate my soul and express my hearts sincere desire. Writing is one of my superpowers, one of the ways I can be a blessing to others.

Writing helps me to solve problems and resolve conflicts. It helps me to clarify my thoughts so I can better discern my next steps, my next course of action.

Your grace is upon me to write. It is important for me to write. Writing is a gift from You. I must accept it wholeheartedly and give myself fully to the craft of writing. I must write daily because I believe great good will come from it. I prefer to write with paper and pen rather than digitally. There is something about the way the words flow from my heart to my pen as I write.

There is a desire within me to share what I have written with others, that my musings may be of benefit to others as I seek to become authentically me. I think the medium of blogging is a good medium by which to share my thoughts with the world. Perhaps others might be inspired to live a beautiful God-designed life, seeking who they are in Christ and how to share their  gifts with the world. I hope my writing will help others to cast of fear of going after the dream You placed in their hearts. We only have one life to live so Lord make it beautiful, captivating and awesome. Reveal Your glory through us. I pray that people see You in my writing.

I have faith that writing daily will cause me to become a better speaker and to communicate more clearly. I have faith that doors of opportunity will open up to me through my gift of writing. I need to surrender to writing, to the writing life and to fully receive what You wish to give me through writing. What I receive I will freely give to the world.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could make a living from writing, as a side effect of doing what I love. Not as a focus, as that would stifle my creativity. I feel slightly guilty about wanting to make money this way, I am not sure why. Yet I do believe it is possible and I will see how You lead and leave that part up to You Lord,

Your beloved daughter,


Questions for reflection:

As you read this post today, do you sense God is calling you to express yourself through writing? Or create in some other way? What fears are stopping you from taking action?

You are welcome to share in the comments below. Blessings