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Dear Lord,

I love You with my whole heart. You are so good. Your love is so rich and real in our lives. Draw us closer to Yourself.

I sense in my heart a desire to clarify more clearly what form our ministry will take, especially in the light of fact that I have only one more semester to complete before completing my Bachelor of Theology. What will my life and ministry look like from then on? What form will it take? How will my days unfold for Your glory?

Our pastor discussed with us the need to explore our calling and vocation during our internship and to develop a profile of who we are and what we have to offer. So I am prayerfully considering what we have to offer the body of Christ and the world? Both individually and as a couple?

Let’s start with the values and desires You have placed in our hearts. D and I desire to encourage others and empower them to break free from limiting factors in their lives that prevents them from serving You wholeheartedly. We deeply value Love, Freedom , Acceptance and Trust. We want to live our lives serving and blessing others. One avenue we both believe we can do this is through hospitality, opening our home to others, building friendships and relationships around food. We have been organising for this in practical ways such as D clearing out verandah area and cleaning the barbecue, fixing the outdoor charcoal stove and stockpiling food and drinks for when people visit. We have had a number of friends and family come but we also would like to invite those in need as well.

D has practical building skills and has used these to renovate our house and our church building. He has helped others when a handyman was needed and has occasionally earned side income from this type of work. D also has a caring, compassionate heart for others and comes alongside others to listen and encourage their faith. He is patient and kind and has favour upon his life. He is developing great discernment too.

My own giftedness seems to lie around encouragement and exhortation. I love to build others up. I love to write, teach, speak and sing. I love to speak a ‘now’ word in due season to those who are discouraged, frustrated or anxious. I sometimes has clear prophetic insight or discernment about a person or situation. To help people discern what God is doing in their life. I desire to help people discern who they are in You and to follow the desires You have placed in their hearts. I sometimes can discern what is hindering people from moving forward such as limiting beliefs or fears, entanglements with sin, lies they are believing and demonic activity. I pray strategically about these things when I am ministering to someone and teaching biblical principles to overcome and produce breakthrough. I desire to help people live in the freedom Christ purchased for us and to live the abundant life he offers.

I also have skills in music, sewing and household management.

We desire to bless people through strategic giving and we believe travel will be a big part of our future, both locally and overseas. These things are what we know in our hearts so far, as being Your calling for us.

Lord, I pray for further clarity regarding the form and scope of our ministry as husband and wife and that doors of opportunity will open to us for service. Bless the work of our heart and our hands, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.