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Dear Lord,

I love You so much. I adore You. I submit my will to Yours. I surrender to Your will. Your will be done in my life. Let this be the focus of my life. Continually. Every day of my life.


Be drawn forth by your most holy desires. Be guided by faith and conscience. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or taking wrong turns on your journey. You will. Trust your conscience to lovingly course correct you along the way. You are living a guided life. Your life is not your own. Walk worthy of your calling. Bundles of provision are set along the journey of life to sustain you in your walk. Be drawn by desire. Get in touch with what you want deep in your soul. What do you want to know and learn? What are you hungry for? It is also important to know what you do not want. In other words, know yourself and own who you really are. I am at work within you to will and to do for My good pleasure. I brings joy to Me when you walk worthy of your calling.

It is important for you to act out of your own deepest desires rather than what other people decide for your life. Act out of those deepest desires and trust your own inner compass. Even in the smallest ways. Honour your desires. I am shaping and forming you through them. What do you desire? What do you want? Knowing this is very important. Extremely important, so that your actions can be based on this truth and you will experience a sense of congruency, soul satisfaction.

Godly desires are characterised by love, truth and passion for Christ. They bring about great glory to My name and attract others into the Kingdom. They bring joy and peace even in the midst of trial and suffering. Trust your desires and allow them room to become reality. Follow where they lead. They call you onwards and draw to deeper. They shape your life’s work. They signal the right paths to walk along.

Be brave by:

Getting in touch with your deepest desires. Following where they lead. Trusting in My provision and not letting fear delay or distract you.

Don’t be ashamed to desire. You are allowed to desire. Desire powerfully inspires and motivates you. Let desire propel you. Following your desires is not selfish or prideful if you have loving intent. Delight yourself in Me and I will give you the desire of you heart. I delight in the prosperity of My servants.