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Dear Lord,

I love You. You are awesome. Thankyou for all the good things You have given me in life. I desire to honour You in everything I do.

I believe I am called to communicate truth. My truth. And, in doing so, encourage others to do the same.

How will I express myself truthfully? So many ways. Writing, making my environment beautiful for the people I love. Being an encourager to friends and family. Serving those in need. Being a good listener.

I love listening to the stories of others. What is their personal truth? Values? Dreams and goals? Challenges? I love to encourage and impart hope.

My tools are words, concepts, ideas. Being able to express myself though writing causes me to switch on and become engaged. After I write I feel lit up and alive. When I share what I write with others I feel like I have conquered the fear and insecurity monster. In sharing my work I become vulnerable to other people’s opinions and judgment. I also become open to acceptance, growth, opportunity and useful service to others. I see that failure is assured if we never try. Each day we must conquer internal and external resistance and show up in the world to share our story.

For me this means conquering resistance early in the day. Therefore this year I am setting an intention rather than a resolution. My sound intention is to live beautifully, be creatively brave and tell my truth every day. This will build momentum in my life. My act of creative bravery is to put pen to paper every morning and write three journal pages and to share something of what I have written on the blog each weekday.

An ideal beautiful week for me would be to spend my mornings writing and sharing and to spend my afternoons involved in practical ministry and service to others, making sure to go offline during this time. Each Friday afternoon will be free for taking myself out to do and experiencing new things and open myself to new ideas. To fill my inspiration tank, in other words.

Lord help me to achieve my intention and walk in abounding grace this year. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Question for reflection:

In what ways is God calling you to be brave this year?