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Hello saints,

Blessings to you today!

God is faithful and worthy of our complete trust. In all things He is with us and guiding us through life. Do we have complete trust in Him? Or do we hold back in fear and unbelief?

Trusting God is a way of honoring Him. When He speaks to our heart we can believe Him. He does not lie. He does not fail to guide us in the right way to take. We are called to believe. To trust and obey. To step out in faith. But we will never step out beyond our level of faith and trust in Him. We honor Him and show our confidence in Him when we obey Him and own all our call.

Trust is to be expressed. In our prayer time we can proclaim our confidence and hope in Him. We can express that our hope is in Him alone. When we are going through difficult times we can share with our family and friends just how much we are relying on God and how our expectation is from Him. He has our answer.

Today’s word is a call to unwavering faith, knowing in whom you believe.

When all else is sinking sand, on Christ the solid rock I stand.

Be blessed,
Sister B