Are you dealing with a competitive person in your life? What is your reaction those those around you who are jealous and envious of the call and gifts of God on your life? Perhaps you are the envious one. Here are a few insights on how to how to lovingly manage your interactions with those who covet what God has placed on your life.

The Behavior of a Competitor

You are commanded to shine and be victorious in Christ. Competitors do not want you to win. They want you to lose so they can feel better about themselves. It doesn’t matter what place you are in as long as you are second to them. Any wins you have will be envied and resented, and certainly not celebrated as that would encourage you. If they have to admit you are a winner, they discount it and diminish your success.

Do not give your power away to a competitor. The power you have is in the revelation and anointing God has placed upon your life. Guard your heart and keep it.

Competitors watch you carefully trying to detect your weaknesses in order to gain advantage. Once they see them, they will waste no time trying to exploit them, to sabotage your success. But God has said that His power is made perfect in weakness and His grace is sufficient.

The Nature of a Competitor

Competitors compete because of deep insecurity and their sense of inferiority. They don’t see a place for themselves. They mask this by pretending to be superior. They are happier if they feel smarter, prettier, richer, more creative, more blessed, more anointed, etc. They attach themselves to certain people who are successful in order to feed off them, living vicariously through them. They desperately seek to align themselves to people of note or influence in order to boost their own sense of value by association. They give very little in the relationship and the more they know about you the more competitive they become.

They try to mirror and imitate you and to appear to others as better than you. They align with your language, dress, your life and your friends until they become deluded. They are obsessed with you and your life. They are used of the enemy to drain and discourage you. They end up trying to control you. Don’t let them! As Christians we are no in competition. There is none comparative to you. You are the best in your field and the expert in your sphere of influence. You must understand these people are your enemy, not your friend and a murderous jealousy/envy lies within their heart. They wish you ill and plot your downfall. They rejoice in your failures and mistakes.

How Do I Deal With a Competitor?

1. Do not be drawn into competing with them. As soon as you do the enemy has won. Do not brag of your success or flaunt the revelation God has given to you. But, at the same time, own your own victories and give glory and honor to God and to those who have helped you grow and succeed.

2. Do not share your precious revelation and insights that you have received. Cut off access to spiritual knowledge and insight you have received as they will assume them as their own. Guard your revelation fiercely. Do not allow competitor to align with what is yours.  Competitors want to manipulate and control you, which is a form of witchcraft.

3. Don’t try to hide your weaknesses. You can’t. However, do not let them be exploited or used unkindly against you. Confrontation may be necessary at times. Confess how pleased that God’s will is done in spite of your weakness and how His grace is sufficient and His power is made perfect in weakness. Praise His grace.

4. Above all, PRAY!

Pray for protection for yourself and your family, your ministry, your mind will and emotions, your name and reputation

Pray for wisdom and discernment against confusion, to see where alignment is occurring in order to cut it off, to repent and take back ground that has been given.

Pray for victory and success, for God’s plan and strategy, vision, His equipping and resourcing, strength and grace to bear much fruit and for the advance of God’s kingdom and that He will be glorified through your life.


What to do when you are the jealous and competitive one!

1. When jealousy rises within you, confess and receive forgiveness from God. Acknowledge it as sin, repent and be cleansed.

2. Bless and encourage the one you are jealous of and generously and genuinely celebrate their success understand doing this does not diminish you.

3. Do not discount the persons success or claim it as your own. Practice giving honor where honor is due.

4. Cut off and refuse all ground given to the enemy due to your own insecurities and allow the Lord to heal and restore you.

5. Be about your Father’s business. Remain faithful in the work God has given you to do and your confidence in Him will grow. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Trust and obey all that He shows you to do. That is true success.