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I have been getting used to and loving being at home after quitting my office job as an Employment Advisor in mid February and this is now my fifth week on sick leave one more to go. I was on sick leave for back and neck pain and anxiety, all symptomatic of severe stress. I am winding down slowly and feel God is restoring me but it is taking time. I have been having trouble sleeping even though I am tired, but at least my back and neck pain is subsiding and  things are slowly coming into order. Some days I have loads of energy, others I have none.  I am trying to listen to my body and listen to it cues rather than override them. Rest and replenishment are lessons I need to learn, so that I can be more fruitful into the future.

I still cannot believe I quit my job! It feels too good to be true that I am being paid to relax, recover and restore. God’s grace. I have been writing lots, praying, decluttering, sewing, singing and playing music, walking and painting with watercolor, and the odd visit or social thing here and there. My girls love me being at home too!

On Monday I bought 12 items of clothing for 150.00 from Target, all that mix and match for our trip. Everything goes with everything else and have I the capsule wardrobe I was praying for all after shopping for 30 mins. Did I mention they were all on the same rack? God knew I didn’t have the energy to shop for it all so He had all together before I got there. Even a hat, which is reversible! The same day 4 handmade necklaces I bought from Ebay came as well, to match. I have my own personal stylist, God the Holy Spirit.

Yesterday I went to the library for the first time in years and I found 2 travel guides on Israel/Jerusalem. Later on at my daughter’s school continental I found an artist’s palette for 1.00. Saw my former manager there and wanted to go home and avoid bumping into her, but stayed when my friend Aimee came and kept me company.

In spite of many blessings of His grace and much confirmation about my resignation, I still find fear raises its ugly head at times. Mainly because I have no clue what I am going to do next in order to earn an income, also don’t want to look a fool before others(pride). God has shown me to prophesy in the face of my fears! He is my provider and guide.

Looking forward to my trip to Greece and Israel and there is only 35 days before takeoff!

Have a blessed week,