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Hello, dear believers,

Today I want to encourage you not to hold back in giving your all for the cause of Christ. God has designed you and given amazing gifts to be used to advance the Kingdom of God. You are thoroughly equipped for every good work. 

Morning by morning as we spend time with God in prayer, He reveals direction for our day. When we leave the secret place we should then go out and do exactly what He showed during our quiet time. Blessings abound in our life when we step out in faith and begin to obey all God is putting in or hearts to do. Don’t let fear stop you. Be bold and very courageous. Obey even the small things, which often lead to bigger.

When we do obey God and good things begin to happen in our lives, it may be that we come across people who are jealous and resent the favor of God shining upon us. How do we deal with these people? My usual response is to encourage them in their own gifting and point out to them what I can clearly see God is doing in their lives. God blesses all His children and is always at work in all our lives but sometimes we do not see how blessed we actually are! This approach, however, does not always work and if not then you just have to withdraw from them. You cannot allow their negativity to stop you fulfilling your own guidance. You do not need their approval to walk in God’s call. Whatever the response of others, do not stop obeying God and in no way hold back in the use of your gift. Fear God, not man. 

Be blessed today,

Sister B