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Hi there blessed brothers and sisters,

God wants to put His glorious grace on display. He wants the world to see how good and faithful He is. Don’t be bashful about the gifts you have, they have been bestowed upon you by the living God. Shine. Shine for Jesus. Let His radiant love flow through you. Collaborate with Him, serving in faith. Be blessed as you do. You are highly favoured and have much to offer. More than you think. You may be scared at times but don’t limit God whatever you do! Find your fit and operate in faith. Trust in the Lord and He will bring His will to pass in your life. He is making, shaping and forming you. Let faith, hope and love abound!

The riches of God’s grace are abundant and overflowing. There is no lack in His kingdom. God is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who provides! So, delight in the Lord and be free. Don’t fight fear. Overcome with committed action and obey all He tells you to do. God will supply your needs and you will be blessed at all times and in all seasons. Even through the hard times. Shalom.

with much love,

Sister B

Reflect: What is God telling you do that you have not done because of fear? Leave a comment below.