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Dear Blessed Ones, Here is a basic overview of Paul’s epistle to the Romans. Enjoy. Love the Word!

Sin (Romans 1-3) It is true to say that man is inherently sinful and dead in his sins before he comes to Christ. There are many who believe that they are a good person and that if their good works outweigh their bad, on a scale of judgment, God will grant them entry into Heaven. This is simply not true. The Bible clearly states, “No man is righteous, not even one.” (Rom 3: 10) And none can justify himself. The Jews are not justified just because they are Jewish, even if they are religious. No man has ever been able to keep the law nor is any man justified by it but rather the purpose of the Law is to show man that he is a sinner. Only then will he realise he cannot save himself and that he is desperately in need of a saviour. We are made righteous through faith in Christ, not through the Law. (Rom 3: 21-22)

Salvation (Romans 4-5) The promise to Abraham was that he would be heir of the world and he was circumcised as a sign of the righteousness of his faith in God. (Rom 4:11) He would become the father of many nations. Christ’s righteousness is imputed to those who believe that God has raised Him from the dead. (Rom 4:24) Christ is our peace! (Rom 5: 1) Sin came into the world through one man, Adam, but life has come through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. (Rom 5: 18)

Sanctification (Romans 6-8) Once a believer has repented of sin and put his faith in Christ alone for salvation, he is liberated from his former bondage to sin. (Rom 6:11) He is given a new heart and God begins a process of sanctification in the believers life in which they are becoming more like Christ each day. In Christ we are set free from sin and death and are made alive in Him. Alive to serve Him and live for His glory. God will use all of the circumstances an events of our life for good. (Rom 8: 28) A believer can walk in liberty from sin, when they walk in the Spirit they will not fulfil the lusts of the flesh. (Rom 8: 1) The Christian must believe he is dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus although there is indeed a war going on between our flesh and our spirit. (Rom 7: 13-25) We identify ourselves as crucified with Christ and also raised up with Him to walk in resurrection power! And nothing can separate us from His love. (Rom 8: 39)

Sovereignty (Romans 9-11) Even though Israel had a zeal for God, by trying to be righteous on their own merits they have rejected God. (Rom 10: 2-3) Salvation is by faith in Christ alone, all who call upon His name will be saved. (Rom 10:13) God has shown His sovereign glory in making salvation available to the Gentiles in order to provoke Israel to jealousy. (Rom 11: 14) God’s rejection of Israel is not total. He is sovereign. He is able to graft them in again as long as they do not continue in unbelief. (Rom 11-17-24) The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable. (Rom 11:29)

Service (Romans 12-16) In these final chapters Paul explains how to practically apply the teachings of the previous chapter. He urges the Romans to present their bodies as a living sacrifice and to be transformed by the renewing of their minds. In so doing they would ‘prove’ what is the good and perfect will of God. (Rom 12: 1-2) Paul explains the differing spiritual gifts and encourages their use. (Rom 12: 3-8) The following verses lay out various practical exhortations for Christians living, being humble walking in love and in right relationship to authority (Rom 13: 1-7) and bearing with the weaknesses of others, helping them where we can. (Rom 15:1) We are to identify with Christ in His servanthood and imitate Him.