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Dear believers,

Many times when God plants a dream in your heart, it seems impossible to achieve. It is, in your own strength. Yet the bible tells us that with God ALL things are possible!

May I encourage you today to take one small step in the direction your dream? Just begin. Prayerfully take a step of faith. Each journey begins with a single step. 



Guess what? I was here! Shalom Jerusalem. Let me share with you how it happened:

Last year my pastors announced they were taking their sixth tour into Israel. Each time they go they are excited to take as many church members as possible along with them, to share in this wonderful, life-changing experience of being in the Holy Land. I had always been very enthusiastic about these trips, praying for those who were going and giving at various fundraising events. I had helped individuals financially in the past as they made their plans to go. But one night as I was sitting at home reading a book, the word came ” You’re going this time”.  The Voice within. Revealing His will. It was very clear. I was going to Israel!

But how? 

So began a journey of faith into the impossible. That Sunday at church I told my pastors, “Guess what? I’m going this time!” They were overjoyed. 

Principle number one:  Say yes to God.

When God spoke to my heart there was no mistaking it was Him. I just ‘knew’. So I said “Yes, Lord” The faith adventure began.

Principle number two: Take the first small step.

I opened an additional bank account and named it ‘Greece/Israel account’. I put a few dollars in it to begin with and continued to do so until I had enough for the deposit, three hundred dollars. I sent it in to the tour company with great joy and gratitude to God. Yet the trip cost thousands. How was I going to afford it? I wasn’t sure. But I kept putting a few dollars away here and there, each time praising and thanking God by faith and delighting in His will. The Lord led me week by week, economizing here and there, selling some things, a garage sale, tax refund, various juggling around money I had in other bank accounts etc., etc. Finally, after a number of months, by the grace of God, I had enough! I quickly sent the money through to the tour company, it seemed to good to be true! He had made a way! Praise the Lord!

How wonderful it was when they sent me a receipt which stated- amount due 0.00! I must admit, I kept looking at this receipt over and over! Paid in full! What had seemed so impossible was now a reality. I was really, really, going to walk in the steps of Jesus.

Principle number three: Walk boldly forward into everything you know to be God’s will.

Dear ones, sometimes when God reveals His will to us, our circumstances (and some of the people around us) tell us it cannot be done. Stepping out in faith often requires us to push through our inner fears and the constant negative voices of the unbelieving. These voices can shout very loudly. Let me encourage you today to walk on. Be bold and very courageous. Push through these limiting fears that immobilize and contain you. If God says you can, you CAN. Keep walking right on into the victory zone! The circumstances you see must change!

Principle number four: Give God all the glory and praise.

Well, dear ones, I have been back now for a few weeks and I have had the most amazing experiences of my life in Greece and Israel. I had the blessing of singing God’s praises at a number of sites in Jerusalem with the believers. This is a fulfillment of a long held dream.  We had so many wonderful experiences and we want to return as soon as we can! Impossible? No. Not with God!

Yours in Christ,