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Having been a journal writer for over 20 years, regularly writing three  pages a day, I have learnt a thing or two about the great benefits that can come from this practice. It is a great habit to integrate into your schedule.

My own practice has been to write early in the morning with a hot cup of coffee in hand. I write about whatever comes into my head. Everything from shopping lists to lists of things to do, life issues, hopes and dreams, and of course prayers. Whatever I am thinking or feeling flows out onto the page.

These are the benefits I have noticed that come from journaling.

  1. Journaling helps me to clarify my thoughts.
  2. Journaling helps me to get clear on what I want and need.
  3. Journaling is a great way to work through problems on paper. Often great solutions seem to ‘appear’ as I write.
  4. Journaling is great for my mental and emotional health. When I am feeling bad I can pick up my pen and start writing about how I am feeling. I am always in a more uplifted mood after doing this. Journaling helps me to articulate what is really at the core of the issues I am facing and gives me confidence about how to address them successfully.
  5. In going back over my journals from time to time, I notice that themes appear, ideas emerge that will not go away, and purpose and direction seem to unfold for my life.
  6. Journaling has helped me know myself more fully. Who I am and what I am called to do in the world.
  7. I use my journal to write down ideas as they come to me during the day. I also write great quotes from books that I am reading or whatever I am listening to throughout the day. The journal is a repository for everything I do not want to forget.
  8. Journaling has helped to become more creative and productive. Journaling helps me to overcome my own fears and conquer resistance to getting started.


I have been journaling so long it has become a necessary part of my morning routine. When I have finished journaling I feel equipped for the day, organised and  focused. I know exactly what I want to go forth and accomplish. What direction to take. I have my marching orders. I get dressed and ready and off I go to make my contribution to the world. I am empowered to live my truth one day at a time.