Hello dear believers,

Be blessed today as you serve the Lord! Know that you are His ambassadors today as you go out and about. He is with you and I pray the Spirit will lead you into all manner of fruitful service for Him today. Praise be to our God of love.

Question: Have you had a quiet time with the Lord this morning? Have you dedicated yourself to His service today and acknowledged Him in all the tasks/ events of the day? Prayerlessness is powerlessness. We need to get our marching orders from the Lord and let God speak to us about His divine plans for the day. I know we are all busy, but just a few minutes in His presence can be the difference between victory or defeat in this sin-sick world we are living in.

Prayer is an essential habit to get into each day. If you have not developed this habit I suggest starting small. Commit to, let’s say, 10 minutes every morning, but make it a habit.  I promise you if you will start small God will bless you with increase and desire for more and more. Faithfulness and commitment is necessary.

If prayer IS an established habit with you, I challenge you to pray with deeper insight, asking God for greater depth and clarity of vision in prayer. Sometimes we don’t receive because we simply fail to ask. May God pour out a fresh wind of blessing upon you as you pray. Pray releases life and power and is our joy and privilege. If your prayer life has become dull, ask God to stir fresh fire in your heart, In Jesus’ Name!

Love Sister B

I would love to hear from you guys! Do you have a testimony of answered prayer? Encourage us all by leaving a comment.